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MiniDAQ is Dead

PROBLEM: MiniDaq dead.
PRIMARY SYMPTOM: Amber LED lit on eider (second CPU from left in crate).
RELATED DISEASES: Amber or red (failure, status) LED's lit at the top of the scaup or eider Minidaq processors.

  1. The Remote Logger from Run Control shows these messages:
            18:47:19        mdq_seq run     timeout
            18:47:39        mdq_seq destroyed
  2. In MiniDaq workspace, eider does not respond to multiple presses of the Return key (but first try quitting telnet with ``^]'' and ``quit''; then reconnect.


  1. Reboot entire MiniDaq.
    Press the red RESET button on scaup (leftmost board in MiniDaq crate).
  2. Send ABORT to Slow Control by clicking on the ABORT button on Run Control's SC panel.
  3. MiniDaq is ready for initialization when the message
            mdq_seq        connected
    appears in the Remote Logger display. At this time, you can press the INIT button on the Run Control display to initialize both MiniDaq and Slow Controls.

Sometimes a reboot is not enough, and it is also necessary to power cycle the MiniDAQ crate. Wait 15 seconds before turning back on, then proceed as for a normal reboot.

IMPORTANT: After a reboot, any pedestal, gain, and/or FEE-location information obtained from previous runs is gone. Pedestal shifts cannot be calculated. You must repeat the pedestal runs, etc. before you can do pedestal subtraction and zero suppression.

Written: Susanna Jacobson
Last modification: 10-JUL-1997 by R.Bossingham

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