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MiniDAQ: hung in ``terminating'' state

PROBLEM: MiniDAQ hung while terminating.
PRIMARY SYMPTOM: Run Control shows MiniDAQ as ``terminating'' indefinitely.
OTHER SYMPTOMS: MiniDAQ's Run_w_eye window it as ``Ending Run'' indefinitely.


  1. If MiniDAQ's Run_w_eye window does not say ``Ending Run,'' try quitting Run Control and restarting it; Run Control sometimes misses a state change and reports the wrong information. If the fresh Run Control also believes that MiniDAQ is still terminating, the State Manager may be the culprit.
  2. If MiniDAQ's Run_w_eye window says ``Ending Run,'' click on the ``Tasks'' button (lower right). The resulting "Application Display" sometimes takes a long time (20 seconds or so) to show everything; it may speed up the process to Close (iconify) the display, then Open it. The Minidaq component names are the leftmost column of the display.
  3. If config, trigger, daq0 through daq2, and all but one of the event builders (evbld0 through evbld7) are in the "idle" state (second column of the display), note which evbld is still in the ``running'' state (for example, evbld6).
  4. In the scaup console window, give the following command:
            ->   sp evbld<n>Handler
    where <n> is the number. In our example, this would be
            ->   sp evbld6Handler
  5. You should see the remaining event builder, taper, and netfeeds go to the "idle" state. Back in the Run Control workspace, MiniDAQ (mdq_seq) should also proceed to the "idle" state.

Written: Susanna Jacobson

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