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The MiniDAQ MVM167 processors, scaup and eider, are located in the two left-most slots of the MiniDAQ crate. Normally, green LED's on their front panels (top) should be blinking rapidly. It is possible that the LED's will be amber or red, instead. In either case, record the color of the processor lights. If either processor exhibits amber or red LED's, MiniDAQ has crashed and must be rebooted.

Check the lights at the top of the three Cyclone processors, although Cyclone crashes are rare.

Check the ``fail'' LED near the middle of the memory card; this should be OFF if a run is in progress. (It may, however, be red before MiniDAQ is configured.)

Check the LED's on the two interrupt modules:

  1. The left-hand interrupt module generates the interrupt for TPC data events on Input 4; the LED should only flash briefly. If it stays ON, MiniDAQ has failed to service the trigger for some reason.
  2. The right-hand interrupt module only produces output bits to control trigger function; the four Lemos at the bottom set the action word for the readout board, while the top four control the trigger. Mostly, these bits are fixed for the duration of a run; record the pattern.

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