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Setting Up the pdm Pad Monitor

Pad Monitor is available on deneb, rncsv1, rncus1 and, via Staf. Permissions must be set on scaup to allow netfeed connections from other machines--contact Susanna Jacobson.

To set up Pad Monitor:

  1. Bring up a terminal window (right mouse button menu).
  2. Type setenv DISPLAY <your location> . Be sure to enable other hosts with xhost + in the console window. (The DISPLAY variable is set automatically on spica.)
  3. From any directory, type pdm_win. This will set some environment variables and bring up Staf. Set the Workstation type to 0 (unless you anticipate making other plots directly from Staf.
  4. From inside Staf, type exec pdm .
  5. When prompted, enter the data source: 0 (for netfeed0), 1 (for netfeed1), or a filename (including path, if necessary).
  6. Select the appropriate geometry definition: 4 for any current-generation data. Pad Monitor should now pop up.
  7. If Pad Monitor cannot allocate enough colors from the default colormap, it will create a virtual colormap, resulting in some annoying ``color flashing.''

Written: October 7, 1996 by Nathan Stone
Last modified: May 25, 1997 by Susanna Jacobson and R.Bossingham

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