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State Manager not Responding

PROBLEM: State Manager stops talking to its clients.

  1. The run seems to be hanging, because the last event logged was some time ago, and no other messages have appeared since.
  2. If you look at the minidaq windows, the run is still in progress: tape is writing; eider is sending commands; scoter, wigeon, and gadwall are responding; run_w_eye window shows minidaq RUNNING.
  3. On scaup, the following message appears now and then:
            "can't log event count: S_objLib_OBJ_UNAVAILABLE"


  1. Restart the State Manager (psm).
  2. To attach MiniDAQ to psm: go to the eider window, press the Return key to get the command prompt "->" and type the command:
            ->   sp mdqSmClient, "deneb"
  3. Restart Run Control: in the Run Control workspace on deneb, give the command
            (deneb) ~ %   rc_win &

Written: 06-JAN-1997 by Eugene Yee
Last Modified: 18-JUN-1998 by R.Bossingham

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