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Shutting Down for the Night at RHIC (Warm Standby)

If the TPC is to be left unattended, it must be left in a safe condition, while still leaving as much equipment as possible close to operational condition. The exact requirements at RHIC are not finalized. Therefore,

This Page is Under Construction!!!

This Page is Under Construction!!!

This Page is Under Construction!!!

MiniDAQ should be left writing data from cosmic-ray triggers to both netfeeds. Taping should be turned off, since the data is obviously garbage (no drift field); the purpose is to allow the next user to quickly assess the condition of the system.

An outline follows:

  1. Terminate the on-line analysis.
  2. From Slow Controls, turn the TPC anode-wire voltages off.
  3. From Slow Controls, turn the TPC central membrane voltage off; then switch off the rocker switch on the HV supply itself (currently located in the rack under the CTB controls).
  4. Make sure that the lasers at both east and west ends of the TPC are off (but their chasis power may be left on).
  5. Turn off any coffee-makers, hotplates, soldering irons, etc.
  6. Close the roll-down doors with the switches beside them.
  7. Finally, lock the (normal-sized) doors and turn out the lights. The lights in the hall's east end are controlled by switches next to the normal-sized door near the east rolling door. The lights in the hall's west end are controlled by switches next to the door behind the TPC; the TPC essentially blocks this door from the inside. If the door is unlocked, the switches are most easily accessed by opening the door from outside the building; however, our usual B77A key apparently does not fit.

Examples of equipment to leave in operating condition are:

  1. All NIM and VME crates on.
  2. All computers on (but, possibly, turning off some monitors).
  3. All network boxes on.
  4. FEE low-voltage power supplies on.
  5. Cooler on.
  6. Gated grid voltage on.
  7. Low-voltage field-bias supplies on.
  8. Chasis power for both lasers on (but both lasers off).
  9. Gas system on.
  10. CTB counters on.

Written: 02-SEP-1997 by R.Bossingham

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