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Loading a Fresh Tape

  1. In the tapeunit.dl window (minidaq desktop), click Rewind, then Eject. (Clicking only ``Eject'' will not guarantee a double-end-of-file mark.)
  2. Take the ejected Exabyte tape out of the TTi 8510 near the MiniDAQ crate; set write-protection.
  3. Label the tape with the run type, date and time.
  4. Load the pedestal/pulser tape into deneb's Exabyte drive: /dev/rmt/0n.
  5. Disable its write-protection if necessary, and load a data-grade Exabyte tape into the MiniDAQ TTi 8510. (Trying to write to a protected tape may cause nasty problems, and never use a video-grade tape in a 5-GB drive.
  6. Run Control will set the drive on- and off-line, so you need not set this in the tapeunit.dl window.

Written: October 3, 1996 by R.Bossingham
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