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Last modified: 7-OCT-1999

Analysis Mini-Topics

Significant amounts of data have been taken from our pair of test subsectors and from three sectors of the actual TPC; it has been partially analyzed, looking at gross characteristics, but more work is needed. Therefore, we are making the data available to students and other interested STAR collaboration members. We hope to gain a better understanding of the TPC, and that more people will become familiar with the analysis chain.

Example code is available, along with data and basic supporting information. However, we cannot provide much close support or supervision. We will also try to share any information as to whom is working on what, to prevent accidental overlap, but cannot guarantee that it will not happen otherwise. Indeed, we may analyze some aspects of the data further ourselves, if timely answers are needed.

When a project is completed, we would like to collect analysis chains to document the work, and results should be saved in a form that is generally accessible--as a STAR note, perhaps as part of a collection of related work.

A number of useful mini-topics are listed in the links below: