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Tracking Performance

Track reconstruction efficiency was estimated using good quality tracks, defined as those with at least 5 reconstructed space points in the TPC pad-rows considered for the tracking. The reconstruction efficiency is defined as the fraction of those good quality tracks that are found by the pattern recognition program satisfying: () for tracks with GeV ( GeV), where and correspond to the generated and reconstructed transverse momentum respectively.

Concerning the space points provided by the fast cluster finding running on the i960's, two scenarios are considered. Firstly the second moment of the clusters is taken as a good approximation of the space point. This option will be called tdh errors. Secondly a fixed errors for all spaces points are used in the tracking program. This second alternative reduces the calculation load on the i960's and reduces the data flow. It will referred to as fixed errors.

The CPU times in this report were all obtained running on an IBM RISC 6000/370. The machine benchmarks are summarized in Table 1.

Table 1: Characteristics of the IBM RISC 6000/370 used to test the time performance of the fast tracking program (fft).

Pablo Pedro Yepes
Sat Dec 9 20:07:39 EST 1995