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Sector tracking

The track reconstruction efficiency in TPC sectors as a function of for 3 values of C, was calculated for the varios pad-row configurations. Figures 1, 2 and 3 show the results for tdh errors. The efficiencies obtained with fixed errors can be seen in Figures 4, 5 and 6.

The momentum resolution is obtained by fitting a gaussian to , where is defined as for the longest reconstructed segment of any real track. If the fitted gaussian has a width larger than the RMS of the distribution, the RMS is used instead.

Figure 7 shows the versus with tdh errors for the various pad-row configurations in central Lund AuAu events. A similar distribution obtained with fixed errors is depicted in Figure 8.

versus in a larger range obtained with tdh errors is shown in Figure 9. The results shown were obtained from a sample of events with tracks generated with a flat distribution in the range 0-40 GeV. Similar results obtained with fixed errors in the tracking code are displayed in Figure 10.

The cpu time needed on an IBM RISC 6000/370 to reconstruct one TPC sector on a central Lund AuAu event was measured. Figure 11 shows the results as a function of the inner most row used in the tracking with tdh errors. Almost identical results are obtained if fixed errors are used instead. The errors of the plot represent the dispersion on the cpu times.

Pablo Pedro Yepes
Sat Dec 9 20:07:39 EST 1995