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AliHLTTPCCAGrid Class Reference

#include <AliHLTTPCCAGrid.h>

Public Member Functions

void CreateEmpty ()
void Create1 (float y, float z, float sy, float sz)
void Create (float yMin, float yMax, float zMin, float zMax, float sy, float sz)
int GetBin (float Y, float Z) const
ushort_v GetBinBounded (const sfloat_v &Y, const sfloat_v &Z) const
void GetBinBounded (const sfloat_v &Y, const sfloat_v &Z, ushort_v *bY, ushort_v *bZ) const
void GetBinBounds (int iBin, float &Ymin, float &Ymax, float &Zmin, float &Zmax) const
unsigned int N () const
unsigned short Ny () const
unsigned short Nz () const

Static Public Member Functions

static ushort_v GetBinBounded (const AliHLTTPCCAGrid *array, const ushort_v &indexes, const sfloat_v &Y, const sfloat_v &Z)
static void GetBinBounded (const AliHLTTPCCAGrid *array, const ushort_v &indexes, const sfloat_v &Y, const sfloat_v &Z, ushort_v *bY, ushort_v *bZ)
static ushort_v Ny (const AliHLTTPCCAGrid *array, const ushort_v &indexes)

Detailed Description

2-dimensional grid of pointers. pointers to (y,z)-like objects are assigned to the corresponding grid bin used by AliHLTTPCCATracker to speed-up the hit operations grid axis are named Z,Y to be similar to TPC row coordinates.

Definition at line 24 of file AliHLTTPCCAGrid.h.

Member Function Documentation

ushort_v AliHLTTPCCAGrid::GetBinBounded ( const sfloat_v &  Y,
const sfloat_v &  Z 
) const

returns -1 if the row is empty == no hits

Definition at line 115 of file AliHLTTPCCAGrid.h.

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