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AliHLTTPCCASliceOutput Class Reference

#include <AliHLTTPCCASliceOutput.h>

Public Member Functions

int NTracks () const
int NTrackClusters () const
const AliHLTTPCCASliceTrackTrack (int i) const
const DataCompressor::RowCluster & ClusterIDrc (int i) const
unsigned short ClusterPackedYZ (int i) const
UChar_t ClusterPackedAmp (int i) const
float2 ClusterUnpackedYZ (int i) const
float ClusterUnpackedX (int i) const
void SetPointers ()
void SetNTracks (int v)
void SetNTrackClusters (int v)
void SetTrack (int i, const AliHLTTPCCASliceTrack &v)
void SetClusterIDrc (int i, const DataCompressor::RowCluster &v)
void SetClusterPackedYZ (int i, unsigned short v)
void SetClusterPackedAmp (int i, UChar_t v)
void SetClusterUnpackedYZ (int i, float2 v)
void SetClusterUnpackedX (int i, float v)
void SortTracks ()

Static Public Member Functions

static int EstimateSize (int nOfTracks, int nOfTrackClusters)
static bool CompareTrackLength (const AliHLTTPCCASliceTrack &st1, const AliHLTTPCCASliceTrack &st2)

Detailed Description

AliHLTTPCCASliceOutput class is used to store the output of AliHLTTPCCATracker{Component} and transport the output to AliHLTTPCCAGBMerger{Component}

The class contains all the necessary information about TPC tracks, reconstructed in one slice. This includes the reconstructed track parameters and some compressed information about the assigned clusters: clusterId, position and amplitude.

Definition at line 29 of file AliHLTTPCCASliceOutput.h.

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