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AliStHbtEvent Class Reference
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Public Member Functions

void SetVertex (float vx, float vy, float vz)
float GetVertexX ()
float GetVertexY ()
float GetVertexZ ()
int GetRunNumber ()
void SetRunNumber (int number)
int GetEventNumber ()
void SetEventNumber (int number)
int GetMultiplicity ()
void SetMultiplicity (int mult)
float GetMagField ()
void SetMagField (float field)
int GetTrigger ()
void SetTrigger (int trg)
float GetZdcNEnergy ()
void SetZdcNEnergy (float en)
float GetZdcPEnergy ()
void SetZdcPEnergy (float en)
float GetZdcGammaEnergy ()
void SetZdcGammaEnergy (float en)
int GetZdcParticipants ()
void SetZdcParticipants (int part)
void Clear (const Option_t *option)
AliStHbtTrackAddTrack ()
TClonesArray * Tracks ()

Detailed Description

Definition at line 9 of file AliStHbtEvent.h.

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