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BFactory Class Referenceabstract

#include <Factory.h>

Inheritance diagram for BFactory:
Named Factory< Abstract > Factory< EditableParameter > Factory< Filter< StiTrack > > Factory< StiCompositeTreeNode > Factory< StiCompositeTreeNode< StiDetector > > Factory< StiDetector > Factory< StiHit > Factory< StiKalmanTrack > Factory< StiKalmanTrackNode > Factory< StiNodeExt > Factory< StiNodeInf >

Public Member Functions

virtual void clear ()=0
 Clear/delete all objects owned by this factory.
virtual void reset ()=0
 Reset this factory.
virtual void free (void *obj)=0
 Free an object for reuse.
void setFastDelete ()
void setMaxIncrementCount (int maxCount)
int getMaxIncrementCount () const
int getCurrentSize () const
int getCurrentCount () const
- Public Member Functions inherited from Named
void setName (const string &newName)
 Set the name of the object.
const string & getName () const
 Get the name of the object.
bool isName (const string &aName) const
 Determine whether name equals given name.

Static Public Member Functions

static void Free (void *obj)
 Free an object for reuse.

Protected Member Functions

 BFactory (const string &name)
- Protected Member Functions inherited from Named
 Named (const string &aName=" ")
 Only derived class are Named.

Protected Attributes

int fMaxCount
int fCurCount
int fUseCount
int fFastDel
int fInstCount
int fFreeCount
- Protected Attributes inherited from Named
string _name

Static Protected Attributes

static double fgTotal =0

Detailed Description

Abstract base class defining a factory mechanism

This class defines the concept of factory, an agent responsible for the creation or instantiation of a given type of class. The class is templated. The template represents the base class to be intanstiated and served by the factory. Implementation (derived class) may serve objects from class derived based on the "Abstract" template class.

Definition at line 16 of file Factory.h.

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