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BbcVertex Class Reference
Inheritance diagram for BbcVertex:

Public Member Functions

 BbcVertex ()
 output histo access point
void print ()
void finish ()
void init ()
void initRun (int runID)
void readCalib (char *fname)
void setTdcCalib (float x)

Protected Types

enum  { mxHex =16, mxEW =2 }

Protected Member Functions

int findTime (BbcHex **)
void export2NN (BbcHex **)
void calibWalk (BbcHex *x, BbcHex *y, float dz, TH2F **h)
void doVertex ()
void clear ()

Protected Attributes

int nInpEve
int unixTime
int unixTime0
float onlTdiff
float oflTdiff
float zTpc
BbcHexhex [mxEW][mxHex]
TH2F * hC [mxEW][mxHex]
float cm2tdcCh
TH1F * hA [32]
TObjArray * HList

Detailed Description

Definition at line 18 of file BbcVertex.h.

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