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CSMStatusUtils Class Reference
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Public Member Functions

Int_t createStatusHistograms (TString directory)
Int_t analyseStatusHistogram (TH2F *hist)
Int_t initializeHistFileFromDir (TString directory, TString filter)
Int_t saveStatusTablesToASCII (TString directory, int runnumber=0)
Int_t saveAbbreviatedStatusTablesToASCII (TString directory)
Int_t readTablesFromASCII (TString directory, TString filter)
Int_t getNumberOfChangedTowers (Int_t runnumber)
TH2F * makeStatusVersusTimePlot ()
void plotAllStatuses (TString rootfiledir="/star/data05/scratch/relyea/2005/DONE/", int year=2005, int runstart=0)
Int_t makeCombinedStatusTable (std::vector< Short_t > &statusVector)
Int_t makeStatusPlots (TString plotDir)
void setDetectorFlavor (TString flavor="bemc")
void setDb (StEEmcDb *db)
void writeHtmlHeaderBadTowerList (std::ofstream &out, Int_t runnumber)
void writeHtmlFooterBadTowerList (std::ofstream &out)
void writeHtmlHeaderSummary (std::ofstream &out)
void writeHtmlFooterSummary (std::ofstream &out)

Detailed Description

Definition at line 17 of file CSMStatusUtils.h.

Member Function Documentation

Int_t CSMStatusUtils::makeStatusPlots ( TString  plotDir)

// Simple fix plotDir -> plotDir.Data() D.Staszak

// Simple fix plotDir -> plotDir.Data() D.Staszak

//Same fix as above D.Staszak

Definition at line 489 of file CSMStatusUtils.cxx.

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