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Described Class Reference

#include <Described.h>

Inheritance diagram for Described:
Parameter Parameters StiDetectorContainer StiDetectorGroups StiHitContainer StiKalmanTrackFitter StiTrackContainer ConstrainedParameter EditableParameters EditableParameter EditableFilter< Filtered > EditableFilter< StiHit > EditableFilter< StiTrack > StiDefaultTrackFilter

Public Member Functions

void setDescription (const string &description)
 Set the Describe of the object.
const string getDescription () const
 Get the Describe of the object.
bool isDescribed () const
 Determine whether Describe is set, i.e object has a Describe.
bool isDescription (const string &description) const
 Determine whether Describe equals given Describe.
bool sameDescriptionAs (const Described &described) const
 Determine whether Describe equals that of given object.

Protected Member Functions

 Described (const string &aDescribe=" ")
 Only derived class are Described.

Protected Attributes

string _description

Detailed Description

This class encapsulates the notion of "Described". It should be used as base class to provide a "Described" property to objects.

Claude A Pruneau

Definition at line 18 of file Described.h.

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