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EEfeeDataBlock Class Reference
Inheritance diagram for EEfeeDataBlock:

Public Types

enum  { WRDCNT =0, ERRFLG =1, TOKEN =2, CRATE =3 }

Public Member Functions

 EEfeeDataBlock (const EEfeeDataBlock *b)
void print (int flag=1)
void clear ()
void set (const EEfeeDataBlock *b)
void setHead (const UShort_t *h)
void setData (int chan, UShort_t d)
void setDataArray (const UShort_t *d, int size)
UShort_t * getData () const
UShort_t * getHead () const
int getDataLen () const
int getValidDataLen () const
int getHeadLen () const
UShort_t getErrFlag () const
UShort_t getLenCount () const
UShort_t getToken () const
UChar_t getTrigComm () const
UChar_t getCrateID () const
UChar_t getSanity () const
int getNData (int thres) const
void maskCrate ()
void setCrateID (UShort_t id)
int isValid () const
UChar_t isHeadValid (int token, int crId, int len, int trigComm, int errFlag)

Static Public Attributes

static const int DefaultMaxHead =4
static const int DefaultMaxData =192

Detailed Description

Definition at line 13 of file EEfeeDataBlock.h.

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