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EEmcDbCrate Class Reference

Public Member Functions

void clear ()
void print () const
void setName (char *text)
void setAll (char *buff)
int isEmpty () const
void exportAscii (FILE *fd) const
ostream & print (ostream &out) const

Public Attributes

char name [CrateNameLen]
 crT1,... for towers, 06S1,... for mapmt
int crID
 logical crate ID
int crIDswitch
 crate ID set by hardware switch
int fiber
 position of the crate in the .daq data stream, couting from 0
int nCh
 no. of valid channels for the crate
int nHead
 no. of header words
char type
 is 'T' for towers & 'S' for MAPMT
int useIt
 flag to ignore data from misconfig/broken crate/box

Detailed Description

Definition at line 6 of file EEmcDbCrate.h.

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