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EEsmdCal Class Reference
Inheritance diagram for EEsmdCal:
EzEEsmdCal MuEzSmdCalMaker StEEsmdCalMaker

Public Member Functions

 EEsmdCal ()
 output histo access point
void finish (int k=0)
void init ()
void initRun (int runID)
void setSmdCuts (float xs, int n1)
void setPreCuts (int n1)
void setTwCuts (float e1, float e2, float r)
void saveHisto (TString fname="fixMe3")

Protected Types

enum  {
  mxTile =4, kT =0, kP =1, kQ =2,
  kR =3, kU =0, kV =1

Protected Member Functions

void setSector (int x)
 the same info, counted from 0
void clear ()
void findSectorMip ()
void calibAllwithMip (int iStrU, int iStrV)

Protected Attributes

int thrMipPresAdc
int nInpEve
int sectID
 no. of input events
int iSect
 calibrate only one sector
float tileAdc [mxTile][MaxEtaBins][MaxPhiBins]
float tileEne [mxTile][MaxEtaBins][MaxPhiBins]
bool tileThr [mxTile][MaxEtaBins][MaxPhiBins]
float smdAdc [MaxSmdPlains][MaxSmdStrips]
 30 deg (only for this sector)
float smdEne [MaxSmdPlains][MaxSmdStrips]
bool killT [mxTile][MaxEtaBins][MaxPhiBins]
unsigned short killStat
 DB access point.
float maxStripAdc
TObjArray * HList

Detailed Description

Definition at line 32 of file EEsmdCal.h.

Member Data Documentation

float EEsmdCal::tileAdc[mxTile][MaxEtaBins][MaxPhiBins]

local event storage for all instrumented sectors remeber to clear all variables below for every event 360 deg (just incase)

Definition at line 100 of file EEsmdCal.h.

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