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EEsoloPi0 Class Reference
Inheritance diagram for EEsoloPi0:


struct  Cluster
struct  EEsoloMipA

Public Member Functions

 EEsoloPi0 ()
 output histo access point
void print ()
void finish ()
int findTowerClust ()
void findTowerPi0 ()
void init ()
void initRun (int runID)
void set (float a, float b, float d, float m1=0.11, float m2=0.16)

Protected Types

enum  { MxTwEta =12, MxTwPhi =60, MxTw =12*60 }
enum  {
  mxTile =4, kT =0, kP =1, kQ =2,
  kR =3, kU =0, kV =1

Protected Member Functions

void clear ()
void tagCluster (int k0, int d=1)
void sumTwClusterEnergy (int ic, int d=1)
float sumPatchEnergy (int k0, int d, EEsoloMipA *soloMipX, float *maxVal=0)
int findInvM (Cluster *, Cluster *, TH1F **)

Protected Attributes

int nInpEve
float seedEnergy
float shapeLimit
float mLo
float mHi
int timeSec
int TotN2g
int totPi0
int totXPi0
int nClust
struct EEsoloPi0::Cluster clust [MxTw]
struct EEsoloPi0::Cluster oldClust [MxTw]
float scaleFactor
TH1F * hA [32]
TH1F * hR [64]
TH1F * hM [64]
EEsoloMipA soloMip [MxTw]
int dbMapped
TObjArray * HList
 DB access point.

Detailed Description

Definition at line 34 of file EEsoloPi0.h.

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