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EvtIncoherentMixing Class Reference

#include <EvtGenBase/EvtIncoherentMixing.hh>

Public Member Functions

 EvtIncoherentMixing ()
 Standard constructor.
 ~EvtIncoherentMixing ()

Static Public Member Functions

static void setB0Mixing ()
static void unsetB0Mixing ()
static void setBsMixing ()
static void unsetBsMixing ()
static bool doB0Mixing ()
static bool doBsMixing ()
static void setdGammad (double value)
static void setdeltamd (double value)
static void setdGammas (double value)
static void setdeltams (double value)
static double getdGammad ()
static double getdeltamd ()
static double getdGammas ()
static double getdeltams ()
static void incoherentB0Mix (const EvtId id, double &t, int &mix)
static void incoherentBsMix (const EvtId id, double &t, int &mix)
static bool isB0Mixed (EvtParticle *)
static bool isBsMixed (EvtParticle *)
static void OtherB (EvtParticle *p, double &t, EvtId &otherb, double probB)
static void OtherB (EvtParticle *p, double &t, EvtId &otherb)
static bool flipIsEnabled ()
static void enableFlip ()
static void disableFlip ()

Detailed Description

Class to contain the parameters of the incoherent B0 and B0S mixing

Patrick Robbe

Definition at line 15 of file EvtIncoherentMixing.hh.

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