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EzEEsmdCal Class Reference
Inheritance diagram for EzEEsmdCal:

Public Member Functions

 EzEEsmdCal (int sect)
void make ()
void set (TObjArray *hL, EEDB *db, EEfeeRawEvent *eE, EEmcEventHeader *eH)
void init ()
- Public Member Functions inherited from EEsmdCal
 EEsmdCal ()
 output histo access point
void finish (int k=0)
void init ()
void initRun (int runID)
void setSmdCuts (float xs, int n1)
void setPreCuts (int n1)
void setTwCuts (float e1, float e2, float r)
void saveHisto (TString fname="fixMe3")

Additional Inherited Members

- Protected Types inherited from EEsmdCal
enum  {
  mxTile =4, kT =0, kP =1, kQ =2,
  kR =3, kU =0, kV =1
- Protected Member Functions inherited from EEsmdCal
void setSector (int x)
 the same info, counted from 0
void clear ()
void findSectorMip ()
void calibAllwithMip (int iStrU, int iStrV)
- Protected Attributes inherited from EEsmdCal
int thrMipPresAdc
int nInpEve
int sectID
 no. of input events
int iSect
 calibrate only one sector
float tileAdc [mxTile][MaxEtaBins][MaxPhiBins]
float tileEne [mxTile][MaxEtaBins][MaxPhiBins]
bool tileThr [mxTile][MaxEtaBins][MaxPhiBins]
float smdAdc [MaxSmdPlains][MaxSmdStrips]
 30 deg (only for this sector)
float smdEne [MaxSmdPlains][MaxSmdStrips]
bool killT [mxTile][MaxEtaBins][MaxPhiBins]
unsigned short killStat
 DB access point.
float maxStripAdc
TObjArray * HList

Detailed Description

Definition at line 27 of file EzEEsmdCal.h.

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