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Factory< Abstract > Member List

This is the complete list of members for Factory< Abstract >, including all inherited members.

_name (defined in Named)Namedprotected
BFactory(const string &name) (defined in BFactory)BFactoryprotected
clear()=0BFactorypure virtual
Factory(const string &name) (defined in Factory< Abstract >)Factory< Abstract >inline
fCurCount (defined in BFactory)BFactoryprotected
fFastDel (defined in BFactory)BFactoryprotected
fFreeCount (defined in BFactory)BFactoryprotected
fgTotal (defined in BFactory)BFactoryprotectedstatic
fInstCount (defined in BFactory)BFactoryprotected
fMaxCount (defined in BFactory)BFactoryprotected
Free(void *obj)BFactoryinlinestatic
free(Abstract *obj)=0Factory< Abstract >pure virtual
free(void *obj)=0Factory< Abstract >pure virtual
fUseCount (defined in BFactory)BFactoryprotected
getCurrentCount() const (defined in BFactory)BFactoryinline
getCurrentSize() const (defined in BFactory)BFactoryinline
getInstance()=0Factory< Abstract >pure virtual
getMaxIncrementCount() const (defined in BFactory)BFactoryinline
getName() const Named
isName(const string &aName) const Named
Named(const string &aName=" ")Namedprotected
reset()=0BFactorypure virtual
setFastDelete() (defined in BFactory)BFactoryinline
setMaxIncrementCount(int maxCount) (defined in BFactory)BFactoryinline
setName(const string &newName)Named
~BFactory() (defined in BFactory)BFactoryinlineprotectedvirtual
~Factory() (defined in Factory< Abstract >)Factory< Abstract >inlinevirtual
~Named() (defined in Named)Namedvirtual