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HepMC::GenEvent::vertex_iterator Class Reference

non-const vertex iterator More...

#include <GenEvent.h>

Inheritance diagram for HepMC::GenEvent::vertex_iterator:

Public Member Functions

 vertex_iterator (const std::map< int, HepMC::GenVertex *, std::greater< int > >::iterator &i)
 constructor requiring vertex information
 vertex_iterator (const vertex_iterator &i)
 copy constructor
vertex_iteratoroperator= (const vertex_iterator &i)
 make a copy
 operator vertex_const_iterator () const
 const vertex iterator
GenVertexoperator* (void) const
 return a pointer to a GenVertex
vertex_iteratoroperator++ (void)
 Pre-fix increment.
vertex_iterator operator++ (int)
 Post-fix increment.
bool operator== (const vertex_iterator &a) const
bool operator!= (const vertex_iterator &a) const

Protected Attributes

std::map< int,
*, std::greater< int >
 iterator to the vertex map

Detailed Description

non-const vertex iterator

HepMC::GenEvent::vertex_iterator is used to iterate over all vertices in the event.

Definition at line 391 of file GenEvent.h.

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