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HepRandom Class Reference
Inheritance diagram for HepRandom:
RandBreitWigner RandExponential RandFlat RandGauss RandPoisson

Public Member Functions

 HepRandom (long seed)
 HepRandom (HepRandomEngine &algorithm)
 HepRandom (HepRandomEngine *algorithm)
HepDouble flat ()
HepDouble flat (HepRandomEngine *theNewEngine)
void flatArray (const HepInt size, HepDouble *vect)
void flatArray (vector< HepDouble > &)
void flatArray (HepRandomEngine *theNewEngine, const HepInt size, HepDouble *vect)
void flatArray (HepRandomEngine *theNewEngine, vector< HepDouble > &vec)
virtual HepDouble operator() ()
void setFlag (HepBoolean val)
HepBoolean getFlag ()
void setVal (HepDouble nextVal)
HepDouble getVal ()
void setOldMean (HepDouble val)
HepDouble getOldMean ()
HepDouble getMaxMean ()
void setPStatus (HepDouble sq, HepDouble alxm, HepDouble g)
HepDouble * getPStatus ()

Static Public Member Functions

static void setTheSeed (long seed, HepInt lux=3)
static long getTheSeed ()
static void setTheSeeds (const long *seeds, HepInt aux=-1)
static const long * getTheSeeds ()
static void getTheTableSeeds (long *seeds, HepInt index)
static HepRandomgetTheGenerator ()
static void setTheEngine (HepRandomEngine *theNewEngine)
static HepRandomEnginegetTheEngine ()
static void saveEngineStatus ()
static void restoreEngineStatus ()
static void showEngineStatus ()

Protected Attributes

HepBoolean deleteEngine
HepBoolean set
HepDouble status [3]
HepDouble oldm
HepDouble nextGauss
const HepDouble meanMax

Detailed Description

Definition at line 48 of file Random.h.

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