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HitHistograms Class Reference
Inheritance diagram for HitHistograms:

Public Member Functions

 HitHistograms (const char *name, const char *title, Int_t nbinsx, Axis_t xlow, Axis_t xup, Int_t nbinxy, StMaker *mk=0)
TH1F * innerSectorDeDxHist () const
TH1F * outerSectorDeDxHist () const
void clearHistograms ()
void fillHistograms ()
void fitGainHistograms ()
void buildHistMaps ()
- Public Member Functions inherited from TpcHitUtilities
 TpcHitUtilities (StTrack *, double MagneticField)
void clear ()
void setTrack (StTrack *)
void setBField (double)
const vector< StTpcHit * > & tpcHitVec () const
void findHits ()
double dx (StTpcHit *)

Protected Attributes

TH1F * m_innerSectorDeDxHist
TH1F * m_outerSectorDeDxHist
TH2F * m_allSectorsDeDxHist
- Protected Attributes inherited from TpcHitUtilities
map< int, StThreeVectorDm_SectorNormalMap
map< HitMapQAKey,
 Map of normal vectors to a sector.
vector< StTpcHit * > m_tpcHitVec
 Map of 3 points in each padrow.
double m_BField

Additional Inherited Members

- Protected Member Functions inherited from TpcHitUtilities
void buildMaps ()
bool keepHit (StTpcHit *)
const StThreeVectorD sectorNormal (int sector)

Detailed Description

Definition at line 18 of file HitHistograms.h.

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