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StTrack Class Referenceabstract

#include <StTrack.h>

Inheritance diagram for StTrack:
StObject StGlobalTrack StPrimaryTrack StTptTrack

Public Member Functions

 StTrack (const StTrack &)
StTrackoperator= (const StTrack &)
virtual StTrackType type () const =0
virtual const StVertexvertex () const =0
virtual int key () const
short flag () const
unsigned int flagExtension () const
unsigned short encodedMethod () const
bool finderMethod (StTrackFinderMethod) const
StTrackFittingMethod fittingMethod () const
float impactParameter () const
float length () const
unsigned short numberOfPossiblePoints () const
unsigned short numberOfPossiblePoints (StDetectorId) const
const StTrackTopologyMaptopologyMap () const
StTrackGeometrygeometry ()
const StTrackGeometrygeometry () const
StTrackGeometryouterGeometry ()
const StTrackGeometryouterGeometry () const
StExtGeometryextGeometry ()
const StExtGeometryextGeometry () const
StTrackDetectorInfodetectorInfo ()
const StTrackDetectorInfodetectorInfo () const
StTrackFitTraitsfitTraits ()
const StTrackFitTraitsfitTraits () const
const StSPtrVecTrackPidTraits & pidTraits () const
StSPtrVecTrackPidTraits & pidTraits ()
StPtrVecTrackPidTraits pidTraits (StDetectorId) const
const StParticleDefinitionpidTraits (StPidAlgorithm &) const
StTrackNodenode ()
const StTrackNodenode () const
unsigned short seedQuality () const
bool isCtbMatched () const
bool isToFMatched () const
bool isBToFMatched () const
bool isBemcMatched () const
bool isEemcMatched () const
bool isCtbNotMatched () const
bool isToFNotMatched () const
bool isBToFNotMatched () const
bool isBemcNotMatched () const
bool isEemcNotMatched () const
bool isDecayTrack () const
bool isPromptTrack () const
bool isPostXTrack () const
bool isMembraneCrossingTrack () const
bool isShortTrack2EMC () const
bool isRejected () const
bool isWestTpcOnly () const
bool isEastTpcOnly () const
virtual void setCtbMatched ()
virtual void setToFMatched ()
virtual void setBToFMatched ()
virtual void setBemcMatched ()
virtual void setEemcMatched ()
virtual void setCtbNotMatched ()
virtual void setToFNotMatched ()
virtual void setBToFNotMatched ()
virtual void setBemcNotMatched ()
virtual void setEemcNotMatched ()
virtual void setDecayTrack ()
virtual void setPromptTrack ()
virtual void setPostCrossingTrack ()
virtual void setMembraneCrossingTrack ()
virtual void setShortTrack2EMC ()
virtual void setShortTrack2ETOF ()
virtual void setRejected ()
virtual void setWestTpcOnly ()
virtual void setEastTpcOnly ()
virtual void setFlagExtension (unsigned int i)
void setFlag (short)
void setKey (int val)
void setEncodedMethod (UShort_t)
void setImpactParameter (float)
void setLength (float)
void setTopologyMap (const StTrackTopologyMap &)
void setGeometry (StTrackGeometry *)
void setOuterGeometry (StTrackGeometry *)
void addExtGeometry (StExtGeometry *extGeo)
void setFitTraits (const StTrackFitTraits &)
void addPidTraits (StTrackPidTraits *)
void setDetectorInfo (StTrackDetectorInfo *)
void setNode (StTrackNode *)
int bad () const
void setNumberOfPossiblePoints (unsigned char, StDetectorId)
void setSeedQuality (UShort_t qa)
int idTruth () const
int qaTruth () const
int idParentVx () const
void setIdTruth (int idtru, int qatru=0)
void setIdTruth ()
void setIdParentVx (int id)
void setBit (unsigned int f, bool set)
void setBit (unsigned int f)
void reSetBit (unsigned int f)
bool testBit (unsigned int f) const
int testBits (unsigned int f) const
void invertBit (unsigned int f)
void Print (Option_t *option="") const
- Public Member Functions inherited from StObject
 StObject (const StObject &sto)
StObjectoperator= (const StObject &sto)
virtual TObject * clone () const
Int_t isZombie () const
virtual void makeZombie (int flg=1)
UInt_t Ztreamer (TBuffer &R__b)
 ClassDef (StObject, 3) static UInt_t fgTally

Protected Member Functions

void setNumberOfPossiblePoints (UShort_t)

Protected Attributes

Char_t mBeg [1]
Int_t mKey
Short_t mFlag
UInt_t mFlagExtension
UShort_t mEncodedMethod
UShort_t mSeedQuality
UChar_t mNumberOfPossiblePointsTpc
UChar_t mNumberOfPossiblePointsFtpcWest
UChar_t mNumberOfPossiblePointsFtpcEast
UChar_t mNumberOfPossiblePointsSvt
UChar_t mNumberOfPossiblePointsSsd
UChar_t mNumberOfPossiblePointsSst
UChar_t mNumberOfPossiblePointsPxl
UChar_t mNumberOfPossiblePointsIst
UChar_t mNumberOfPossiblePointsFts
Float_t mImpactParameter
Float_t mLength
Int_t mIdTruth
UShort_t mQuality
Int_t mIdParentVx
Char_t mEnd [1]
StTrackTopologyMap mTopologyMap
StTrackFitTraits mFitTraits
StLink< StTrackDetectorInfomDetectorInfo
StLink< StTrackNodemNode
StSPtrVecTrackPidTraits mPidTraitsVec

Detailed Description

Thomas Ullrich, Sep 1999

Definition at line 198 of file StTrack.h.

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