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StExtGeometry Class Reference

#include <StExtGeometry.h>

Inheritance diagram for StExtGeometry:

Public Types

enum  {
  kPhi, kZ, kPsi, kPti,
  kTan, kCurv, kLen
enum  {
  kPhiPhi, kPhiZ, kZZ, kPhiPsi,
  kZPsi, kPsiPsi, kPhiPti, kZPti,
  kPsiPti, kPtiPti, kPhiTan, kZTan,
  kPsiTan, kPtiTan, kTanTan
 pars errors

Public Member Functions

 StExtGeometry (const char *name="")
const char * name () const
int charge () const
double rxy () const
double phi () const
double z () const
double curvature () const
double psi () const
double tanDip () const
double pt () const
double hz () const
double length () const
double curve () const
StThreeVectorF origin () const
StThreeVectorF momentum () const
StPhysicalHelixD helix () const
THelixTrack thelix () const
const float * params () const
const float * errMatrix () const
void setName (const char *name)
void set (double rXY, const double pars[6], const double errs[15])
void setLength (double len)
void setCurve (double cur)
void add (StExtGeometry **top)
const StExtGeometrynext () const
- Public Member Functions inherited from StObject
 StObject (const StObject &sto)
StObjectoperator= (const StObject &sto)
virtual TObject * clone () const
Int_t isZombie () const
virtual void makeZombie (int flg=1)
UInt_t Ztreamer (TBuffer &R__b)
 ClassDef (StObject, 3) static UInt_t fgTally

Protected Attributes

char mName [8]
Float_t mRxy
Float_t mPhi
Float_t mZ
Float_t mPsi
Float_t mPti
Float_t mTan
Float_t mCurv
Float_t mLen
Float_t mG [15]
char mEnd [1]


class StTrack

Detailed Description

Victor Perevoztchikov, November 2016

Definition at line 26 of file StExtGeometry.h.

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