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KFParticleBase Class Referenceabstract
Inheritance diagram for KFParticleBase:
KFParticle KFVertex

Public Member Functions

virtual void GetFieldValue (const Double_t xyz[], Double_t B[]) const =0
virtual Double_t GetDStoPoint (const Double_t xyz[]) const =0
virtual void GetDStoParticle (const KFParticleBase &p, Double_t &DS, Double_t &DSp) const =0
virtual void Transport (Double_t dS, Double_t P[], Double_t C[]) const =0
void Initialize (const Double_t Param[], const Double_t Cov[], Int_t Charge, Double_t Mass, Int_t PID=0)
void Initialize ()
virtual void Clear (Option_t *="")
void SetVtxGuess (Double_t x, Double_t y, Double_t z)
void SetID (Int_t id=0)
void SetParentID (Int_t id=0)
Int_t GetID () const
Int_t GetParentID () const
Double_t GetX () const
Double_t GetY () const
Double_t GetZ () const
Double_t GetPx () const
Double_t GetPy () const
Double_t GetPz () const
Double_t GetE () const
Double_t GetS () const
Short_t GetQ () const
Double_t GetChi2 () const
Short_t GetNDF () const
const Double_t * GetParameter () const
Double_t GetParameter (Int_t i) const
const Double_t * GetCovariance () const
Double_t GetCovariance (Int_t i) const
Double_t GetCovariance (Int_t i, Int_t j) const
Int_t GetMomentum (Double_t &P, Double_t &SigmaP) const
Int_t GetPt (Double_t &Pt, Double_t &SigmaPt) const
Int_t GetEta (Double_t &Eta, Double_t &SigmaEta) const
Int_t GetPhi (Double_t &Phi, Double_t &SigmaPhi) const
Int_t GetMass (Double_t &M, Double_t &SigmaM) const
Int_t GetDecayLength (Double_t &L, Double_t &SigmaL) const
Int_t GetDecayLengthXY (Double_t &L, Double_t &SigmaL) const
Int_t GetLifeTime (Double_t &T, Double_t &SigmaT) const
Int_t GetR (Double_t &R, Double_t &SigmaR) const
Double_t & X ()
Double_t & Y ()
Double_t & Z ()
Double_t & Px ()
Double_t & Py ()
Double_t & Pz ()
Double_t & E ()
Double_t & S ()
Short_t & Q ()
Double_t & Chi2 ()
Short_t & NDF ()
Double_t & Parameter (Int_t i)
Double_t & Covariance (Int_t i)
Double_t & Covariance (Int_t i, Int_t j)
void operator+= (const KFParticleBase &Daughter)
void AddDaughter (const KFParticleBase &Daughter)
void SetProductionVertex (const KFParticleBase &Vtx)
void SetMassConstraint (Double_t Mass, Double_t SigmaMass=0)
void SetNoDecayLength ()
void Construct (const KFParticleBase *vDaughters[], Int_t NDaughters, const KFParticleBase *ProdVtx=0, Double_t Mass=-1, Bool_t IsConstrained=0)
void TransportToDecayVertex ()
void TransportToProductionVertex ()
void TransportToDS (Double_t dS)
Double_t GetDStoPointBz (Double_t Bz, const Double_t xyz[]) const
void GetDStoParticleBz (Double_t Bz, const KFParticleBase &p, Double_t &dS, Double_t &dS1) const
void TransportBz (Double_t Bz, Double_t dS, Double_t P[], Double_t C[]) const
void TransportCBM (Double_t dS, Double_t P[], Double_t C[]) const
Double_t GetDistanceFromVertex (const Double_t vtx[]) const
Double_t GetDistanceFromVertex (const KFParticleBase &Vtx) const
Double_t GetDistanceFromParticle (const KFParticleBase &p) const
Double_t GetDeviationFromVertex (const Double_t v[], const Double_t Cv[]=0) const
Double_t GetDeviationFromVertex (const KFParticleBase &Vtx) const
Double_t GetDeviationFromParticle (const KFParticleBase &p) const
void SubtractFromVertex (KFParticleBase &Vtx) const
void SubtractFromParticle (KFParticleBase &Vtx) const
void ConstructGammaBz (const KFParticleBase &daughter1, const KFParticleBase &daughter2, Double_t Bz)
virtual void Print (Option_t *opt="") const
Int_t IdTruth () const
Int_t QaTruth () const
Int_t IdParentMcVx () const
Int_t IdParentVx () const
void SetIdTruth (Int_t idtru, Int_t qatru=0)
void SetIdParentMcVx (Int_t id)
void SetPDG (Int_t pdg)
Int_t GetPDG () const

Protected Member Functions

Double_t & Cij (Int_t i, Int_t j)
void Convert (Bool_t ToProduction)
void TransportLine (Double_t S, Double_t P[], Double_t C[]) const
Double_t GetDStoPointLine (const Double_t xyz[]) const
void GetMeasurement (const Double_t XYZ[], Double_t m[], Double_t V[]) const

Static Protected Member Functions

static Int_t IJ (Int_t i, Int_t j)
static Bool_t InvertSym3 (const Double_t A[], Double_t Ainv[])
static void InvertCholetsky3 (Double_t a[6])
static void MultQSQt (const Double_t Q[], const Double_t S[], Double_t SOut[])
static Double_t GetSCorrection (const Double_t Part[], const Double_t XYZ[])

Protected Attributes

Char_t fBeg [1]
Int_t fID
Int_t fParentID
Double32_t fP [8]
Double32_t fC [36]
Short_t fQ
Short_t fNDF
Double32_t fChi2
Double32_t fSFromDecay
Bool_t fAtProductionVertex
Double32_t fVtxGuess [3]
 Flag shows that the particle error along its trajectory is taken from production vertex.
Bool_t fIsLinearized
 Guess for the position of the decay vertex ( used for linearisation of equations )
UShort_t fIdTruth
 Flag shows that the guess is present.
UShort_t fQuality
UShort_t fIdParentMcVx
Short_t fPDG
Char_t fEnd [1]

Detailed Description

Definition at line 20 of file KFParticleBase.h.

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