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L2EmcDb2012 Class Reference


struct  EmcCDbItem

Public Types

enum  { EindexMax =13000 }
enum  { BindexMax =5400 }
enum  {
  BTOW_MAXFEE =30, MxEmcNameLen =16
enum  { mxTxt =1000 }

Public Member Functions

 L2EmcDb2012 (char *inpP, char *logP, char *uid)
const EmcCDbItemgetByIndex (int i)
const EmcCDbItemgetByName (char *name)
int name2index (char *name)
bool isEmpty (const EmcCDbItem *x)
bool isBTOW (const EmcCDbItem *x)
bool isETOW (const EmcCDbItem *x)
int initRun (int runNo)
int getRun ()
void finishRun ()
void setPedFile (const char *c)
void setMaskFile (const char *c)

Static Public Member Functions

static void printItem (const EmcCDbItem *x)

Public Attributes

char logPath [mxTxt]
char inpPath [mxTxt]
char pedFile [mxTxt]
char maskFile [mxTxt]
char muid [mxTxt]

Detailed Description

Definition at line 14 of file L2EmcDb2012.h.

Member Function Documentation

void L2EmcDb2012::setMaskFile ( const char *  c)

sets the name of the mask file, defaults to ...

Definition at line 33 of file L2EmcDb2012.cxx.

void L2EmcDb2012::setPedFile ( const char *  c)

sets the name of the pedestal file, defaults to pedestal.current

Definition at line 32 of file L2EmcDb2012.cxx.

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