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Lxgbx Class Reference


struct  evpCfg
struct  evpCtrs

Public Member Functions

int configEvp (SimpleXmlDoc *xml, int divisor=1)
int config (SimpleXmlDoc *xml)
double mygettime ()
UINT32 evpAssign (UINT32 trg_lo, UINT32 trg_hi)
int doEvent (gbPayload *pay, EvtDescData *evt, UINT32 l1trg_lo, UINT32 l2trg_lo, UINT32 l25abort, UINT32 token, UINT32 eventNumber, UINT32 l1trg_hi=0, UINT32 l2trg_hi=0)
int prepareTokenZeroPayload (gbPayload *pay, int eventNumber)

Public Attributes

int run_type
int cl_run
int raw_write
UINT64 dets_in_run_mask
UINT64 tokenZeroTriggers
struct Lxgbx::evpCfg evpCfg
struct Lxgbx::evpCtrs evpCtrs

Detailed Description

Definition at line 24 of file prepareGbPayload.h.

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