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MyPoint Class Reference
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Public Member Functions

 MyPoint (Float_t, Int_t, const TVector3 &, Float_t, Int_t, Int_t)
 MyPoint (MyPoint *)
Float_t energy ()
Int_t quality ()
TVector3 position ()
Float_t distanceToTrack ()
Int_t towerClusterId (Int_t val)
Float_t towerClusterEnergy (Int_t val)
Int_t nHitsEta ()
Int_t nHitsPhi ()
Float_t widthEta ()
Float_t widthPhi ()
Float_t energyEta ()
Float_t energyPhi ()
void setEnergy (Float_t val)
void setQuality (Int_t val)
void setPosition (Float_t x, Float_t y, Float_t z)
void setDistanceToTrack (Float_t val)
void setTowerClusterId (Int_t i, Int_t val)
void setTowerClusterEnergy (Int_t i, Float_t val)
void setHitsEta (Int_t val)
void setHitsPhi (Int_t val)
void setWidthEta (Float_t val)
void setWidthPhi (Float_t val)
void setEnergyEta (Float_t val)
void setEnergyPhi (Float_t val)

Protected Attributes

Float_t fEnergy
Int_t fQuality
TVector3 fPosition
Float_t fDisToTrack
Int_t fTowClusId [4]
Float_t fTowClusEn [4]
Int_t fNeta
Int_t fNphi
Float_t fEnEta
Float_t fSigmaEta
Float_t fEnPhi
Float_t fSigmaPhi

Detailed Description

Definition at line 7 of file MyPoint.h.

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