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PIDFitter Class Reference

Public Member Functions

void FitMultiGaus (Char_t *fileNameOfInput, Char_t *fileNameOfOutput)
void DoPhaseSpaceCalibration (Char_t *fileName4Calibration, Char_t *phaseSpaceCalibFileName)
void GetSigmaOfSingleTrail (Char_t *fileName4Calibration, Char_t *sigmaFileName)
void ExtrapAmp (Char_t *fileNameOfInput, Char_t *fileNameOfOutput)
void Process (Char_t *sigmaOfSigmTrialInputName, Char_t *sigmaOfSigmTrialOutputName, Char_t *phaseSpaceCalibInputName, Char_t *phaseSpaceCalibOutputName, Char_t *gausFitInputName, Char_t *gausFitOutputName, Char_t *ampFitOutputName)
virtual void Init ()

Protected Attributes

Bool_t mWriteSigmaNSampleGraph
Bool_t mWriteGaus4SigmaNSampleHist
double * mSigmaOfSingleTrail
TF1 * electronBandCenter
TF1 * pionBandCenter
TF1 * kaonBandCenter
TF1 * antiprotonBandCenter
TF1 * pionKaonBandCenter
TF1 * kaonAntiprotonBandCenter
 //for drawing line between pion and kaon bands
double ** BBOffSetPar
 //for drawing line between kaon and antiproton bands
double ** BBScalePar

Detailed Description

Definition at line 23 of file PIDFitter.h.

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