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PeakAnaPainter Class Reference
Inheritance diagram for PeakAnaPainter:

Public Member Functions

virtual void Paint (Option_t *opt="")
virtual void PaintRawData ()
 Raw data with no modifications.
virtual void PaintFoundPeak ()
 Raw data inside zoomed in on found signal region.
virtual void PaintBaselines ()
 Just draw the baseline and hitlines.
virtual void PaintFoundPeakRange ()
 Just draw the found peak on the current pad.
virtual void PaintPeakRanges ()
 Draw all found peaks on the current pad except the found peak.
virtual void PaintFoundMarker ()
 Draw the marker indicating the found peak.
virtual void PaintPeakMarkers ()
 Draw markers indicating all peaks except the found peak marker.
virtual void PaintStats ()
 Draw Stats box for peak finding.
virtual void CleanPainter ()
 Clean up internal objects.
virtual void SetPeakAna (PeakAna *ana)
virtual Color_t GetBaseLineColor ()
virtual Style_t GetBaseLineStyle ()
virtual Width_t GetBaseLineWidth ()
virtual Color_t GetHitLineColor ()
virtual Style_t GetHitLineStyle ()
virtual Width_t GetHitLineWidth ()
virtual void SetBaseLineColor (Color_t color)
virtual void SetBaseLineColorAlpha (Color_t color, Float_t alpha)
virtual void SetBaseLineStyle (Style_t style)
virtual void SetBaseLineWidth (Width_t width)
virtual void SetHitLineColor (Color_t color)
virtual void SetHitLineColorAlpha (Color_t color, Float_t alpha)
virtual void SetHitLineStyle (Style_t style)
virtual void SetHitLineWidth (Width_t width)
bool ValidGraph ()
 Check if PeakAna object loaded and has a non-zero TGraph.

Protected Member Functions

void Init ()
 Initialize internal variables to null.
virtual TPaveText * MakePaveText (Double_t xmin=0.7, Double_t ymin=0.5, Double_t xmax=1.0, Double_t ymax=1.0)
 Makes the stats box to show peak infomation.

Protected Attributes

TLine * mTheBaseLine
 line for the PeakAna::mBaseline
TLine * mTheHitLine
 threshold for a peak PeakAna::mBaseline + PeakAna::mBaselineSigma*PeakAna::mBaselineSigmaScale
 pointer to PeakAna for drawing (PA=PeakAna)
TPaveText * mPaveT_PA
 for custom stats box
TString mGraphOption
 option for drawing the TGraph
TString mPeakOption
 option for drawing the peaks
TString mStatsOption
 option for what to put in stats box

Detailed Description

Definition at line 52 of file PeakAnaPainter.h.

Member Function Documentation

void PeakAnaPainter::SetPeakAna ( PeakAna ana)
anaset the PeakAna object to paint

Definition at line 31 of file PeakAnaPainter.cxx.

References mPA.

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