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PmtIdentifier Class Reference

#include <PmtIdentifier.h>

Public Member Functions

 PmtIdentifier (int serialPort, int softId, int module, int pmtBox, int position, long serial, long baseId)
 PmtIdentifier (const PmtIdentifier &)
const PmtIdentifieroperator= (const PmtIdentifier &)

Public Attributes

int _serialPort
int _softId
int _module
int _pmtBox
int _position
long int _serial
long int _baseId


ostream & operator<< (ostream &os, const PmtIdentifier &object)
istream & operator>> (istream &is, PmtIdentifier &object)

Detailed Description

Class used to encapsulate all data need to uniquely identify each PMT.

When written/read to/from file, they shall be in the following other: Column A - The serial port number of each CW-Base Column B - The software Id of the tower connect to the CW-Base Column C - The module number Column D - The PMT box number Column E - The position of the CW-Base inside the PMT box Column F - The serial number of the PMT connected to the CW-Base Column G - The Id of the CW-Base

Definition at line 17 of file PmtIdentifier.h.

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