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Pythia8::BrancherEmitFF Class Reference
Inheritance diagram for Pythia8::BrancherEmitFF:

Public Member Functions

 BrancherEmitFF (int iSysIn, Event &event, vector< int > iIn)
 BrancherEmitFF (int iSysIn, Event &event, int i0In, int i1In)
virtual void init ()
double genQ2 (int evTypeIn, double Q2MaxNow, Rndm *rndmPtr, const EvolutionWindow *evWindowPtrIn, double colFac, vector< double > headroomIn, vector< double > enhanceFacIn, int verboseIn)
virtual bool genInvariants (vector< double > &invariants, Rndm *rndmPtr, int verboseIn)
virtual double pAccept (const double antPhys, int=0)
double getQ2Max (int evType)
virtual void setMaps (int sizeOld)
virtual int idNew () const
virtual double mNew () const
virtual bool getNewParticles (Event &event, vector< Vec4 > momIn, vector< int > hIn, vector< Particle > &pNew, Rndm *rndmPtr, Colour *colourPtr)
- Public Member Functions inherited from Pythia8::Brancher
 Brancher (int iSysIn, Event &event, vector< int > iIn)
 Brancher (int iSysIn, Event &event, int i0In, int i1In, int i2In=0)
virtual void reset (int iSysIn, Event &event, vector< int > iIn)
void reset (int iSysIn, Event &event, int i0In, int i1In, int i2In=0)
int i0 () const
int i1 () const
int i2 () const
int iVec (unsigned int i) const
vector< int > iVec ()
int id0 () const
int id1 () const
int id2 () const
vector< int > idVec () const
int colType0 () const
int colType1 () const
int colType2 () const
vector< int > colTypeVec () const
int col0 () const
int col1 () const
int col2 () const
vector< int > colVec () const
int acol0 () const
int acol1 () const
int acol2 () const
vector< int > acolVec () const
int h0 () const
int h1 () const
int h2 () const
vector< int > hVec () const
double m0 () const
double m1 () const
double m2 () const
vector< double > mVec () const
vector< double > getmPostVec ()
int colTag ()
int system () const
double mAnt () const
double m2Ant () const
double sAnt () const
double kallenFac () const
double enhanceFac () const
double q2Trial () const
int iAntPhys () const
virtual double getpTscale ()
virtual double getXj ()
virtual void list (string header="none") const
virtual void setidPost ()
virtual vector< double > setmPostVec ()
virtual void setStatPost ()
virtual int iNew ()
virtual int posR ()
virtual int posF ()
int getBranchType ()
bool isSwapped ()
vector< double > getInvariants ()
void resetEnhanceFac (const double enhanceIn)
bool hasTrial () const
void needsNewTrial ()
void eraseTrial ()

Additional Inherited Members

- Public Attributes inherited from Pythia8::Brancher
map< int, pair< int, int > > mothers2daughters
map< int, pair< int, int > > daughters2mothers
- Protected Attributes inherited from Pythia8::Brancher
int systemSav
vector< int > iSav
vector< int > idSav
vector< int > colTypeSav
vector< int > hSav
vector< int > colSav
vector< int > acolSav
vector< int > idPostSav
vector< int > statPostSav
vector< double > mSav
vector< double > mPostSav
int colTagSav
int evTypeSav
const EvolutionWindowevWindowSav
double mAntSav
double m2AntSav
double kallenFacSav
double sAntSav
bool hasTrialSav
double headroomSav
double enhanceSav
double q2BegSav
double q2NewSav
vector< double > invariantsSav
int branchType
int iAntSav
bool swapped

Detailed Description

Definition at line 289 of file VinciaFSR.h.

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