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Pythia8::DireSplitting Class Reference
Inheritance diagram for Pythia8::DireSplitting:
Pythia8::DireSplittingQCD Pythia8::Dire_fsr_qcd_G2GG1 Pythia8::Dire_fsr_qcd_G2GG2 Pythia8::Dire_fsr_qcd_G2GG_notPartial Pythia8::Dire_fsr_qcd_G2GGG Pythia8::Dire_fsr_qcd_G2Gqqbar Pythia8::Dire_fsr_qcd_G2QQ1 Pythia8::Dire_fsr_qcd_G2QQ2 Pythia8::Dire_fsr_qcd_G2QQ_notPartial Pythia8::Dire_fsr_qcd_Q2GQ Pythia8::Dire_fsr_qcd_Q2QbarQQId Pythia8::Dire_fsr_qcd_Q2QG Pythia8::Dire_fsr_qcd_Q2QG_notPartial Pythia8::Dire_fsr_qcd_Q2QGG Pythia8::Dire_fsr_qcd_Q2Qqqbar Pythia8::Dire_fsr_qcd_Q2qQqbarDist Pythia8::Dire_isr_qcd_G2GG1 Pythia8::Dire_isr_qcd_G2GG2 Pythia8::Dire_isr_qcd_G2QQ Pythia8::Dire_isr_qcd_Q2GQ Pythia8::Dire_isr_qcd_Q2QbarQQId Pythia8::Dire_isr_qcd_Q2QG Pythia8::Dire_isr_qcd_Q2qQqbarDist Pythia8::DireSplittingEW Pythia8::DireSplittingQED Pythia8::DireSplittingU1new

Public Member Functions

 DireSplitting (string idIn, int softRS, Settings *settings, ParticleData *particleData, Rndm *rndm, BeamParticle *beamA, BeamParticle *beamB, CoupSM *coupSMPtrIn, Info *infoPtrIn, DireInfo *direInfo)
void init ()
bool is (ulong pattern)
string name ()
virtual bool canRadiate (const Event &, pair< int, int >, unordered_map< string, bool >=unordered_map< string, bool >(), Settings *=NULL, PartonSystems *=NULL, BeamParticle *=NULL)
virtual bool aboveCutoff (double, const Particle &, const Particle &, int, PartonSystems *=NULL)
virtual bool useFastFunctions ()
virtual bool canRadiate (const Event &, int, int, Settings *=NULL, PartonSystems *=NULL, BeamParticle *=NULL)
virtual int kinMap ()
virtual int motherID (int)
virtual int sisterID (int)
virtual vector< int > radAndEmt (int, int)
virtual vector< pair< int, int > > radAndEmtCols (int, int, Event)
virtual bool canUseForBranching ()
virtual bool isPartial ()
virtual int nEmissions ()
virtual bool swapRadEmt ()
virtual bool isSymmetric (const Particle *=NULL, const Particle *=NULL)
virtual vector< int > recPositions (const Event &, int, int)
virtual int radBefID (int, int)
virtual pair< int, int > radBefCols (int, int, int, int)
virtual double gaugeFactor (int, int)
virtual double symmetryFactor (int, int)
virtual int couplingType (int, int)
virtual double coupling (double=0., double=0., double=0., double=-1., pair< int, bool >=pair< int, bool >(), pair< int, bool >=pair< int, bool >())
virtual double couplingScale2 (double=0., double=0., double=0., pair< int, bool >=pair< int, bool >(), pair< int, bool >=pair< int, bool >())
virtual double zSplit (double, double, double)
virtual double overestimateInt (double, double, double, double, int=-1)
virtual double overestimateDiff (double, double, int=-1)
virtual double getKernel (string="")
virtual unordered_map< string,
double > 
getKernelVals ()
virtual void clearKernels ()
virtual bool calc (const Event &=Event(), int=-1)
void setTimesPtr (shared_ptr< DireTimes > fsrIn)
void setTimesDecPtr (shared_ptr< DireTimes > fsrIn)
void setSpacePtr (shared_ptr< DireSpace > isrIn)
virtual double getJacobian (const Event &=Event(), PartonSystems *=0)
virtual unordered_map< string,
double > 
getPhasespaceVars (const Event &=Event(), PartonSystems *=0)
virtual bool allow_z_endpoint_for_kinematics ()
virtual bool allow_pT2_endpoint_for_kinematics ()
virtual bool allow_sai_endpoint_for_kinematics ()
virtual bool allow_xa_endpoint_for_kinematics ()
virtual void try_z_endpoint ()
virtual void try_pT2_endpoint ()
virtual void try_sai_endpoint ()
virtual void try_xa_endpoint ()
virtual bool is_z_endpoint ()
virtual bool is_pT2_endpoint ()
virtual bool is_sai_endpoint ()
virtual bool is_xa_endpoint ()
virtual double tdire_ff (double, double t, double)
virtual double zdire_ff (double z, double, double)
virtual double tdire_fi (double, double t, double)
virtual double zdire_fi (double z, double, double)
virtual double tdire_if (double, double t, double)
virtual double zdire_if (double z, double, double)
virtual double tdire_ii (double, double t, double)
virtual double zdire_ii (double z, double, double)
virtual bool hasMECBef (const Event &, double)
virtual bool hasMECAft (const Event &, double)
virtual void storeOverhead (double pT2, double x, int radid, int nf, double val)
virtual double overhead (double pT2, int idd, int nf)

Public Attributes

double renormMultFac
string id
int correctionOrder
bool is_qcd
bool is_qed
bool is_ewk
bool is_fsr
bool is_isr
bool is_dire
ulong nameHash
unordered_map< string, double > kernelVals
DireSplitInfo splitInfo
shared_ptr< DireSpaceisr
shared_ptr< DireTimesfsr
shared_ptr< DireTimesfsrDec
multimap< double, OverheadInfooverhead_map

Detailed Description

Definition at line 53 of file DireSplittings.h.

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