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Pythia8::WeightsSimpleShower Class Reference
Inheritance diagram for Pythia8::WeightsSimpleShower:

Public Member Functions

void init (bool doMerging)
void clear ()
void bookVectors (vector< double > weights, vector< string > names)
void reweightValueByIndex (int iPos, double val)
void reweightValueByName (string name, double val)
void replaceWhitespace (vector< string > &namesIn)
string getGroupName (int iGN) const
double getGroupWeight (int iGW) const
int nVariationGroups () const
void initAutomatedVariationGroups (bool=false)
vector< string > getUniqueShowerVars ()
string getInitialName (int iG) const
vector< double > getMuRWeightVector ()
void collectWeightNames (vector< string > &outputNames)
void collectWeightValues (vector< double > &outputWeights, double norm=1.)
- Public Member Functions inherited from Pythia8::WeightsBase
string getWeightsName (int iPos) const
virtual double getWeightsValue (int iPos) const
int getWeightsSize () const
void bookWeight (string name, double defaultValue=1.)
void setValueByIndex (int iPos, double val)
void setValueByName (string name, double val)
int findIndexOfName (string name)
void setPtrs (Info *infoPtrIn)

Public Attributes

map< int, double > varPDFplus
map< int, double > varPDFminus
map< int, double > varPDFmember
vector< string > externalVariations
vector< vector< string > > externalVarNames
vector< string > externalGroupNames
vector< string > initialNameSave
vector< vector< int > > externalMap
int externalVariationsSize {}
vector< vector< string > > mergingVarNames
- Public Attributes inherited from Pythia8::WeightsBase
vector< double > weightValues
vector< string > weightNames

Detailed Description

Definition at line 103 of file Weights.h.

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