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StBTofHitCollection Class Reference

#include <StBTofHitCollection.h>

Public Member Functions

 StBTofHitCollection ()
 Default constructor.
bool push_back (StBTofHit *hit)
 Add a StBTofHit into the vector.
size_t size () const
 Returns the size of the collection vector.
StBTofHitfront () const
 Returns the first element of the vector.
StBTofHitback () const
 Returns the last element of the vector.
StBTofHitgetHit (size_t index) const
 Returns a BTofRawHit at index in the vector.
void clear ()

Detailed Description

Class used as a collection for BTofHit in StBTofCollection.

Definition at line 47 of file StBTofHitCollection.h.

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