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StBbcTriggerSimu Class Reference

#include <StBbcTriggerSimu.h>

Inheritance diagram for StBbcTriggerSimu:

Public Member Functions

void Init ()
void InitRun (int runnumber)
void Clear ()
void Make ()
StTriggerSimuDecision triggerDecision (int trigId)
 like isTrigger(), but returns kDoNotCare if detector isn't a part of the given trigId
bool getEandW ()
- Public Member Functions inherited from StVirtualTriggerSimu
virtual bool isTrigger (int trigId)
virtual void setMC (int flag)
 0 == real data, 1 or more == Monte Carlo
virtual void setYear (int year)
virtual void setSource (const char *source)
 Options are: "MuDst", "StEvent".

Public Attributes

int Wbbc
int Ebbc
int BBCadc [48]
StTriggerSimuDecision bbcTrig

Additional Inherited Members

- Protected Attributes inherited from StVirtualTriggerSimu
int mMCflag
int mYear
TString mSource

Detailed Description


Emulates BBC trigger using only ADC and not TDC

Definition at line 25 of file StBbcTriggerSimu.h.

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