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StChargedPionTrack Class Reference
Inheritance diagram for StChargedPionTrack:

Public Member Functions

 StChargedPionTrack (const StChargedPionTrack &t)
short id () const
 Returns the track id(or key), is unique for a track node, i.e. global and primary tracks have the same id.
short flag () const
 Returns flag, (see StEvent manual for type information)
short vertexIndex () const
 Returns index of associated primary vertex.
StThreeVectorF vertex () const
 Position of vertex for this track.
unsigned short nHits () const
 Return total number of hits on track.
unsigned short nHitsPoss () const
 Return number of possible hits on track.
unsigned short nHitsDedx () const
 Return number of hits used for dEdx.
unsigned short nHitsFit () const
 Return total number of hits used in fit.
float nSigmaElectron () const
 Returns Craig's distance to the calculated dE/dx band for electrons in units of sigma.
float nSigmaPion () const
 Returns Craig's distance to the calculated dE/dx band for pions in units of sigma.
float nSigmaKaon () const
 Returns Craig's distance to the calculated dE/dx band for kaons in units of sigma.
float nSigmaProton () const
 Returns Craig's distance to the calculated dE/dx band for protons in units of sigma.
float dEdx () const
 Returns measured dE/dx value.
float chi2 () const
 Returns chi2 of fit.
float chi2prob () const
 Returns probability of fit.
float pt () const
 Returns pT at point of dca to primary vertex.
float phi () const
 Returns phi at point of dca to primary vertex.
float eta () const
 Returns pseudo rapidity at point of dca to primary vertex.
short charge () const
 Returns charge.
double B () const
 Returns signed magnetic field.
double length () const
 Returns length of track (cm) from primary vertex to last measured point.
double lengthMeasured () const
 Returns length of track (cm) from first to last measured point.
StThreeVectorF globalLastPoint () const
 Returns positions of last measured point on global track.
StPhysicalHelixD globalHelix () const
 Returns inner helix (first measured point on global track).
StThreeVector< double > globalFirstPoint () const
 Returns positions of first measured point on global track.
double globalPt () const
double globalPhi () const
double globalEta () const
TLorentzVector globalP () const
double globalPt (StThreeVectorF position) const
double globalPhi (StThreeVectorF position) const
double globalEta (StThreeVectorF position) const
TLorentzVector globalP (StThreeVectorF position) const
StThreeVectorF globalDca () const
 Returns 3D distance of closest approach to primary vertex.
StThreeVectorF globalDca (StThreeVectorF position) const
 Returns 3D DCA to a specified point.
void setId (short aId)
void setFlag (short aFlag)
void setVertexIndex (int aVertexIndex)
void setVertex (StThreeVectorF aPosition)
void setNHits (unsigned short aNHits)
void setNHitsPoss (unsigned short aNHitsPoss)
void setNHitsDedx (unsigned short aNHitsDedx)
void setNHitsFit (unsigned short aNHitsFit)
void setNSigmaElectron (float aNSigmaElectron)
void setNSigmaPion (float aNSigmaPion)
void setNSigmaKaon (float aNSigmaKaon)
void setNSigmaProton (float aNSigmaProton)
void setDedx (float aDedx)
void setChi2 (float aChi2)
void setChi2prob (float aChi2Prob)
void setPtEtaPhi (float aPt, float aEta, float aPhi)
void setPt (float aPt)
void setPhi (float aPhi)
void setEta (float aEta)
void setCharge (short aCharge)
void setB (double aMagneticField)
void setGlobalLastPoint (StThreeVectorF aLastPoint)
void setGlobalHelix (StPhysicalHelixD aHelix)

Protected Attributes

Short_t mId
Short_t mFlag
Char_t mVertexIndex
StThreeVectorF mVertex
UChar_t mNHits
UChar_t mNHitsPoss
UChar_t mNHitsDedx
UChar_t mNHitsFit
Float_t mNSigmaElectron
Float_t mNSigmaPion
Float_t mNSigmaKaon
Float_t mNSigmaProton
Float_t mdEdx
Float_t mChi2
Float_t mChi2Prob
Char_t mCharge
Double_t mB
StThreeVectorF mGlobalLastPoint
StPhysicalHelixD mGlobalHelix

Detailed Description

Definition at line 12 of file StChargedPionTrack.h.

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