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StConePars Class Reference
Inheritance diagram for StConePars:
StJetPars StCdfChargedConePars

Public Member Functions

virtual StJetFinderconstructJetFinder ()
void setGridSpacing (int nEta, double etaMin, double etaMax, int nPhi, double phiMin, double phiMax)
 Set the grid spacing:
void setSeedEtMin (double v)
 minimum et threshold to be considered a seed
void setAssocEtMin (double v)
 minimum et threshold to be considered for addition to the seed
void setSplitFraction (double v)
 split jets if E_shared/E_neighbor>splitFraction
void setPerformMinimization (bool v)
 Let jet wander to minimum?
void setAddMidpoints (bool v)
 Add seeds at midpoints?
void setDoSplitMerge (bool v)
 Do Split/Merge step?
void setRequireStableMidpoints (bool v)
 Require stable midpoints?
void setConeRadius (double v)
 Set cone radius:
void setDebug (bool v)
 Toggle debug streams on/off.
int Neta () const
int Nphi () const
double EtaMin () const
double EtaMax () const
double PhiMin () const
double PhiMax () const
double coneRadius () const
double seedEtMin () const
double assocEtMin () const
double splitFraction () const
bool performMinimization () const
bool addMidpoints () const
bool requiredStableMidpoints () const
bool doSplitMerge () const
bool debug () const
double phiWidth () const
double etaWidth () const
int deltaPhi () const
int deltaEta () const

Detailed Description

Definition at line 10 of file StConePars.h.

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