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StDataBaseI Class Referenceabstract
Inheritance diagram for StDataBaseI:

Public Member Functions

 StDataBaseI (StDbType type, StDbDomain domain)
 StDataBaseI (const char *typeName, const char *domainName)
virtual void setDataBase (StDbType type, StDbDomain domain)
virtual void setDataBase (const char *typeName, const char *domainName)
virtual void setDataBase (const char *dbName)
virtual void setDbType (StDbType type)
virtual void setDbDomain (StDbDomain domain)
virtual StDbType getDbType () const
virtual StDbDomain getDbDomain () const
virtual void setDbName (const char *dbName)
virtual void setTypeName (const char *typeName)
virtual void setDomainName (const char *domainName)
virtual char * getDbName () const
virtual char * getTypeName () const
virtual char * getDomainName () const
virtual char * printDbName ()
virtual char * printTypeName ()
virtual char * printDomainName ()
virtual bool checkDbName (const char *name)
virtual bool checkDbType (const char *type)
virtual bool checkDbDomain (const char *domain)
virtual StDbStoreType getDbStoreType () const
virtual void setDbStoreType (StDbStoreType type)
virtual void use ()=0
virtual void close ()=0
virtual int QueryDb (StDbConfigNode *node)=0
virtual int QueryDb (StDbNode *node)=0
virtual int QueryDb (StDbTable *table, unsigned int reqTime)=0
virtual int QueryDb (StDbTable *table, const char *whereClause)=0
virtual unsigned int * QueryDbTimes (StDbTable *table, const char *whereClause, int opt=0)=0
virtual int QueryDbFunction (StDbTable *table, const char *whereClause, char *funcName)=0
virtual int QueryDescriptor (StDbTable *table)=0
virtual int WriteDb (StDbTable *table, unsigned int storeTime)=0
virtual int WriteDb (StDbConfigNode *node, int parentID, int &configID)=0
virtual int storeConfigNode (StDbConfigNode *node)=0
virtual int storeTableNode (StDbTable *table)=0
virtual bool insertNodeRelation (int configID, int parent, int child)=0
virtual bool rollBack (StDbNode *node)=0
virtual bool rollBack (StDbTable *table)=0
virtual unsigned int getUnixTime (const char *time)=0
virtual char * getDateTime (unsigned int time)=0
virtual int * selectElements (const char *elementName, StDbElementIndex *inval, int &numElements)=0

Protected Attributes

StDbType mdbType
StDbDomain mdbDomain
char * mdbName
char * mtypeName
char * mdomainName
StDbStoreType mdbStore

Detailed Description

Definition at line 54 of file StDataBaseI.hh.

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