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StDbTable Class Reference
Inheritance diagram for StDbTable:

Public Member Functions

 StDbTable (const char *tableName)
 StDbTable (const char *tableName, int schemaID)
 StDbTable (StDbTable &table)
virtual bool IsTable () const
virtual void setNodeInfo (StDbNode *node)
virtual unsigned int getTableSize () const
virtual char * getCstructName ()
virtual char * printCstructName ()
virtual void setCstructName (const char *name)
virtual void setDataTable (const char *name)
virtual char * getDataTable ()
virtual char * printDataTable ()
virtual char * getFlavor ()
virtual char * printFlavor ()
virtual void setFlavor (const char *flavor)
virtual bool defaultFlavor () const
virtual void setDefaultFlavor ()
virtual unsigned int getProdTime ()
virtual void setProdTime (unsigned int ptime)
virtual unsigned int getEndTime () const
virtual char * getEndDateTime ()
virtual void setEndTime (unsigned int time)
virtual void setEndTime (const char *time)
virtual unsigned int getBeginTime () const
virtual char * getBeginDateTime ()
virtual void setBeginTime (unsigned int time)
virtual void setBeginTime (const char *time)
virtual unsigned int getEndStoreTime () const
virtual char * getEndStoreDateTime ()
virtual void setEndStoreTime (unsigned int time)
virtual void setEndStoreTime (const char *time)
virtual int * getElementID (int &nrows)
virtual int getRowID (int rowNumber) const
virtual char * getElementName ()
virtual char * printElementName ()
virtual void setElementName (const char *ename)
virtual void setElementID (int *elements, int nrows)
virtual void setBaseLine (bool baseLine)
virtual void setIndexed (bool indexed)
virtual void setBinary (bool abinary)
virtual bool IsBaseLine () const
virtual bool IsIndexed () const
virtual bool IsBinary () const
virtual int getSchemaID () const
virtual void setSchemaID (int id)
virtual void addWrittenRows (int *dataID, int numRows, bool canRollBack=false)
virtual int * getWrittenRows (int &numRows)
virtual void commitData ()
virtual void clearStoreInfo ()
virtual unsigned int * getTimeValues ()
virtual unsigned int getMaxTime ()
virtual void setTimeValues (unsigned int *timeValues)
virtual StTableDescriptorIgetDescriptorCpy () const
virtual StTableDescriptorIgetDescriptor ()
virtual void setDescriptor (StTableDescriptorI *descriptor)
virtual bool hasDescriptor () const
void checkDescriptor ()
virtual StDbTableClone ()
virtual char * GetTable ()
virtual void * GetTableCpy ()
virtual void SetTable (char *data, int nrows, int *idList=0)
 calloc'd version of data for StRoot
virtual void AddRows (char *data, int nrows)
virtual int GetNRows () const
virtual void setRowNumber (int row=0)
virtual bool hasData () const
virtual void * getDataValue (const char *name, int rowNumber=0)
virtual int getRowLimit () const
virtual void setRowLimit (int nrows)
virtual void addNRows (int newRows)
virtual void addNElements (int *elements, int newRows)
virtual void resizeNumRows (int nrows)
virtual void resizeElementID (int numRows)
virtual void StreamAccessor (typeAcceptor *accept, bool isReading)
virtual void dbStreamer (typeAcceptor *accept, bool isReading)
virtual void StreamAccessor (StDbBufferI *buff, bool isReading)
virtual void dbStreamer (StDbBufferI *buff, bool isReading)
virtual void dbStreamerWrite (StDbBufferI *buff)
virtual void dbTableStreamer (StDbBufferI *buff, const char *name, bool isReading)
- Public Member Functions inherited from StDbNode
 StDbNode (const char *name, const char *versionKey)
 StDbNode (const char *name)
 StDbNode (StDbNode &node)
char * getName ()
char * printName ()
char * getMyName ()
char * getVersion ()
char * printVersion ()
char * getDbName ()
char * printDbName ()
StDbType getDbType () const
StDbDomain getDbDomain () const
int getNodeID () const
char * getNodeType ()
char * printNodeType ()
void setName (const char *nodeName)
void setVersion (const char *nodeVersion)
void setDbName (const char *nodeDbName)
void setDbType (StDbType type)
void setDbDomain (StDbDomain domain)
void setNodeID (int id)
void setNodeType (const char *nodeType)
bool canRollBack () const
void addWrittenNode (int dataID)
void commit ()
bool checkName (const char *nodeName) const
bool checkVersion (const char *nodeVersion) const
bool checkNode (const char *nodeName, const char *nodeVersion) const
bool IsConfigured () const
void setConfigured (bool isConfigured)
bool isNode (StDbType type, StDbDomain domain)
char * mstrDup (const char *s2)
int * decodeElementID (const char *elementID, int &numRows)
char * getNextID (char *&currentElement) const

Protected Member Functions

virtual void ReadElement (char *&ptr, char *name, int length, StTypeE type, StDbBuffer *buff)
virtual void WriteElement (char *ptr, char *name, int length, StTypeE type, StDbBuffer *buff)
virtual void PassOutElement (char *ptr, char *name, int length, StTypeE type, typeAcceptor *accept)
virtual void PassInElement (char *ptr, char *name, int length, StTypeE type, typeAcceptor *accept)
virtual void getElementSpecs (int elementNum, char *&c, char *&name, unsigned int &length, StTypeE &type)
bool createMemory ()
bool createMemory (int nrows)
char * duplicateData ()
void init ()
void printNoDataReturned (const char *elementName)

Protected Attributes

char * mflavor
bool mdefaultFlavor
unsigned int mprodTime
StDbTime mbeginTime
 validity interval
StDbTime mendTime
StDbTime mendStoreTime
char * mstructName
char * melementName
bool mIsBaseLine
bool mIsBinary
bool mIsIndexed
char * mdataTable
int mschemaID
int * melementID
StDbStoreInfo mstoredData
 for rolling back stores
bool mhasDescriptor
 c-struct descriptor information
char * mdata
 data & num of rows
int mrows
int mrowNumber
bool mhasData
int mrowsRequested
unsigned int * mtimeVals
- Protected Attributes inherited from StDbNode
char * mname
char * mversion
char * mdbName
StDbType mdbType = dbStDb
StDbDomain mdbDomain = dbDomainUnknown
int mnodeID
char * mnodeType
bool misConfigured
bool mcanRollBack

Detailed Description

Definition at line 152 of file StDbTable.h.

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