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StDbConfigNodeImpl Class Reference
Inheritance diagram for StDbConfigNodeImpl:
StDbConfigNode StDbNode

Public Member Functions

 StDbConfigNodeImpl (StDbConfigNode *parent, const char *nodeName, const char *configName)
 StDbConfigNodeImpl (StDbConfigNode *parent, StDbNode &node)
 StDbConfigNodeImpl (StDbType type, StDbDomain domain, const char *nodeName, const char *configName="none")
virtual void addChildren (dbEnvList *elist)
virtual void resetConfig (const char *config, int opt=0)
virtual int buildTree (int opt=0)
virtual StDbElementIndexgetElementIndex ()
virtual void setElementIndexInfo (const char *indexName, int indexID)
virtual void getElementIndexInfo (char *&indexname, int &indexID)
virtual int getNumIndeces () const
virtual StDbTableaddDbTable (const char *tableName, const char *version="default")
virtual StDbTableaddTable (const char *tableName, const char *version="default")
virtual StDbTableaddTable (StDbNode *node)
virtual StDbTablefindTable (const char *name, const char *subPath="/")
virtual StDbTablefindLocalTable (const char *name)
virtual void removeTable (StDbTable *table)
virtual StDbTableItergetStDbTableIter ()
virtual bool compareTables (StDbTable *tab1, StDbTable *tab2)
virtual void printTables (int depth)
virtual void printNumberStats ()
virtual void getNumberStats (unsigned int &nNodes, unsigned int &ntables, unsigned int &numBytes)
virtual void setTablesFlavor (const char *flavor)
virtual void setTablesProdTime (unsigned int ptime)
virtual void setTablesProdTimeOverride (unsigned int ptime, char *dbType=0, char *dbDomain=0)
- Public Member Functions inherited from StDbConfigNode
 StDbConfigNode (StDbConfigNode *parent, const char *nodeName, const char *configName)
 StDbConfigNode (StDbConfigNode *parent, StDbNode &node)
 StDbConfigNode (StDbType type, StDbDomain domain, const char *nodeName, const char *configName="none")
void setNextNode (StDbConfigNode *node)
void setParentNode (StDbConfigNode *node)
void setFirstChildNode (StDbConfigNode *node)
virtual void setChildNode (StDbConfigNode *node)
void appendNode (StDbConfigNode *node)
StDbConfigNodegetNextNode ()
StDbConfigNodegetParentNode ()
StDbConfigNodegetFirstChildNode ()
void deleteTree ()
void deleteChildren ()
bool hasChildren ()
bool hasData ()
int getBranchID ()
void setBranchID (int branchID)
void setIsDbNode (bool isDbNode)
bool isDbNode ()
void printTree (int depth)
void setFlavor (const char *flavor)
void setProdTime (unsigned int ptime)
void setProdTimeOverride (unsigned int ptime, char *dbType=0, char *dbDomain=0)
StDbConfigNodefindConfigNode (StDbType t, StDbDomain d, const char *sPath)
StDbConfigNodefindConfigNode (StDbType t, StDbDomain d)
StDbConfigNodefindConfigNode (const char *sPath)
StDbConfigNodefindChildConfigNode (const char *nodeName)
- Public Member Functions inherited from StDbNode
 StDbNode (const char *name, const char *versionKey)
 StDbNode (const char *name)
 StDbNode (StDbNode &node)
char * getName ()
char * printName ()
char * getMyName ()
char * getVersion ()
char * printVersion ()
char * getDbName ()
char * printDbName ()
StDbType getDbType () const
StDbDomain getDbDomain () const
int getNodeID () const
char * getNodeType ()
char * printNodeType ()
void setName (const char *nodeName)
void setVersion (const char *nodeVersion)
void setDbName (const char *nodeDbName)
void setDbType (StDbType type)
void setDbDomain (StDbDomain domain)
void setNodeID (int id)
void setNodeType (const char *nodeType)
bool canRollBack () const
void addWrittenNode (int dataID)
void commit ()
bool checkName (const char *nodeName) const
bool checkVersion (const char *nodeVersion) const
bool checkNode (const char *nodeName, const char *nodeVersion) const
bool IsConfigured () const
void setConfigured (bool isConfigured)
bool isNode (StDbType type, StDbDomain domain)
virtual bool IsTable () const
char * mstrDup (const char *s2)
int * decodeElementID (const char *elementID, int &numRows)
char * getNextID (char *&currentElement) const

Protected Member Functions

void deleteTables ()
void updateDbInfo ()
void updateDbTables (int opt=0)
void updateDbTable (StDbTable *table, int opt=0)
- Protected Member Functions inherited from StDbConfigNode
void zeroNodes ()

Protected Attributes

int mindexRef
TableList mTables
- Protected Attributes inherited from StDbConfigNode
bool mhasData
int mbranchID
bool misDbNode
- Protected Attributes inherited from StDbNode
char * mname
char * mversion
char * mdbName
StDbType mdbType = dbStDb
StDbDomain mdbDomain = dbDomainUnknown
int mnodeID
char * mnodeType
bool misConfigured
bool mcanRollBack


class StDbTableIterImpl

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