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StDetectorDbTriggerID Class Reference

Accessor to the database for trigger id information. More...

#include <StDetectorDbTriggerID.h>

Public Member Functions

UInt_t getIDNumRows ()
UInt_t getIDRunNumber ()
UInt_t getIdxTrg (UInt_t entry=0)
UInt_t getDaqTrgId (UInt_t entry=0)
UInt_t getOfflineTrgId (UInt_t entry=0)
UInt_t getTrgNameVersion (UInt_t entry=0)
UInt_t getTrgVersion (UInt_t entry=0)
UInt_t getThreashVersion (UInt_t entry=0)
UInt_t getPsVersion (UInt_t entry=0)
UInt_t getSNumRows ()
Int_t getSRunNumber ()
Int_t getIdxTrigger (UInt_t entry=0)
Int_t getIdxLevel (UInt_t entry=0)
Int_t getId (UInt_t entry=0)
Float_t getPs (UInt_t entry=0)
UInt_t getL0NumRows ()
Int_t getL0RunNumber ()
Int_t getL0DaqTrgId (UInt_t entry=0)
Int_t getL0OfflineTrgId (UInt_t entry=0)
Int_t getPsL0 (UInt_t entry=0)
Char_t * getName (UInt_t entry=0)
UInt_t getDetectorLiveOnBits (UInt_t entry=0)
UInt_t getDetectorLiveOffBits (UInt_t entry=0)
UInt_t getDetectorRequest (UInt_t entry=0)
UInt_t getTrigL3ExpandedNumRows ()
Int_t getTrigL3ExpandedRunNumber ()
Char_t * getTrigL3ExpandedL2TriggerResultType (UInt_t entry=0)
Int_t getTrigL3ExpandedL3TrgId (UInt_t entry=0)
Int_t getTrigL3ExpandedL3ExpandedTrgId (UInt_t entry=0)
Int_t getTrigL3ExpandedL2Algo (UInt_t entry=0)
Float_t getTrigL3ExpandedL2Ps (UInt_t entry=0)
Char_t * getTrigL3ExpandedName (UInt_t entry=0)
UInt_t getDsmPrescalesNumRows ()
Int_t getDsmPrescalesRunNumber ()
Int_t getDsmPrescalesTrgId (UInt_t entry=0)
Int_t getDsmPrescalesDsmPrescale (UInt_t entry=0)
UInt_t getDefaultTriggerLevel ()
Float_t getTotalPrescaleByTrgId (Int_t trgId)
map< Int_t, Float_t > getTotalPrescales ()
UInt_t getAdditionalTriggerIDNumRows ()
UInt_t getAdditionalTriggerIDRunNumber (UInt_t entry=0)
UInt_t getAdditionalTriggerIDEventNumber (UInt_t entry=0)
UInt_t getAdditionalTriggerIDIdxTrg (UInt_t entry=0)
UInt_t getAdditionalTriggerIDDaqTrgId (UInt_t entry=0)
UInt_t getAdditionalTriggerIDOfflineTrgId (UInt_t entry=0)
UInt_t getAdditionalTriggerIDTrgNameVersion (UInt_t entry=0)
UInt_t getAdditionalTriggerIDTrgVersion (UInt_t entry=0)
UInt_t getAdditionalTriggerIDThreashVersion (UInt_t entry=0)
UInt_t getAdditionalTriggerIDPsVersion (UInt_t entry=0)

Static Public Member Functions

static StDetectorDbTriggerIDinstance ()

Detailed Description

Accessor to the database for trigger id information.

Jon Gans This class provides access to the database for various pieces of information about trigger ids. Importantly, it also provides a method to grab prescales f'or trigger ids from the database. Used by StEventMaker to fill StEvent::StTriggerIdCollection

Definition at line 47 of file StDetectorDbTriggerID.h.

Member Function Documentation

UInt_t StDetectorDbTriggerID::getAdditionalTriggerIDNumRows ( )

Table RunLog/onl additionalTriggerID This table is new in 2007, allows to push back additional trigger ids onto the stack of trigger ids in order to fix the trigger id problem in runs 3-6, in which the prescale was applied deterministically counting from 0, and so would deplete rare overlap events

Definition at line 138 of file StDetectorDbTriggerID.h.

UInt_t StDetectorDbTriggerID::getDefaultTriggerLevel ( )

Table Calibrations/trg defaultTrgLvl. Holds the level to which nominal() trigger ids should be applied (i.e. L1,L2,L3). With the exception of early on in run 3, always will poInt_t to L3. Note that this is superseded in run 6 with L3Expanded

Definition at line 121 of file StDetectorDbTriggerID.h.

UInt_t StDetectorDbTriggerID::getDsmPrescalesNumRows ( )

Table RunLog/onl dsmPrescales. New table for run 6. Holds the prescale applied at DSM level, before L0.

Definition at line 110 of file StDetectorDbTriggerID.h.

Referenced by getTotalPrescales().

UInt_t StDetectorDbTriggerID::getIDNumRows ( )

Table RunLog/onl triggerID

Definition at line 54 of file StDetectorDbTriggerID.h.

Referenced by getTotalPrescales(), and StEventQAMaker::Make().

UInt_t StDetectorDbTriggerID::getL0NumRows ( )

Table RunLog/onl L0TriggerInfo. This holds various information, including prescale at L0.

Definition at line 81 of file StDetectorDbTriggerID.h.

Referenced by getTotalPrescales(), StJetHistMaker::Make(), StMyEventMaker::Make(), and StPhotonMaker::Make().

UInt_t StDetectorDbTriggerID::getSNumRows ( )

Table RunLog/onl trigPrescales. These are prescales applied at L1,L2,L3; usually 1.

Definition at line 69 of file StDetectorDbTriggerID.h.

Referenced by getTotalPrescales().

Float_t StDetectorDbTriggerID::getTotalPrescaleByTrgId ( Int_t  trgId)

These two functions allow one to get the total prescale, i.e. DSM*L0*L1*L2*L3*L3ExpandedThis will multiply the prescales at dsm*L0*L2; should be used by everybody

Definition at line 2692 of file StDetectorDbChairs.cxx.

References getTotalPrescales().

Referenced by StLuminosityMaker::Make(), and StSkimPionMaker::Make().

map< Int_t, Float_t > StDetectorDbTriggerID::getTotalPrescales ( )
UInt_t StDetectorDbTriggerID::getTrigL3ExpandedNumRows ( )

Table RunLog/onl trigL3Expanded. New table for run 6, allows to unpack multiple meanings of L2 trigger ids. Also holds prescales applied for certain algorithm results in L2.

Definition at line 96 of file StDetectorDbTriggerID.h.

Referenced by getTotalPrescales().

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