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StEEmcHit_t Class Reference

The class. More...

#include <StEEmcHit.h>

Inheritance diagram for StEEmcHit_t:

Public Member Functions

 StEEmcHit_t (Short_t ID_in=-1)
Short_t getSector () const
Short_t getClusIDu () const
Short_t getClusIDv () const
Int_t getTowerIdx () const
Float_t getEnergyU () const
Float_t getEnergyV () const
Float_t getTtest2 () const
Float_t getWeightU () const
Float_t getWeightV () const
Bool_t isValid () const
Int_t getNumUsedTowers () const
Short_t getSectorU () const
Short_t getSectorV () const
Short_t getUseTowerIndex (Int_t localIndex) const
Float_t getUseTowerWeight (Int_t localIndex) const
void setSector (Short_t sec)
void setClusIDu (Short_t idx)
void setClusIDv (Short_t idx)
void setTowerIdx (Int_t idx)
void setEnergyU (Float_t E)
void setEnergyV (Float_t E)
void setWeightU (Float_t E)
void setWeightV (Float_t E)
void setIsValid (Bool_t isValid)
void setNumUsedTowers (UInt_t n)
void addUsedTower (Int_t localIndex, Short_t towIndex, Float_t weight)
void setUsedTowers (std::vector< Short_t > &usedIndices, std::vector< Float_t > &weights)
void computeTtest2 ()
- Public Member Functions inherited from StSimpleHit_t
 StSimpleHit_t (Short_t ID=-1)
Short_t getID () const
Float_t getEnergy () const
Float_t getX () const
Float_t getY () const
Float_t getZ () const
TVector3 getPosition () const
void setID (const Short_t ID)
void setEnergy (const Float_t E)
void setX (const Float_t X)
void setY (const Float_t Y)
void setZ (const Float_t Z)

Protected Attributes

Short_t mSector
Short_t mClusIDu
Short_t mClusIDv
Int_t mTowerIdx
Float_t mEnergyU
Float_t mEnergyV
Float_t mTtest2
Float_t mWeightU
Float_t mWeightV
Bool_t mIsValid
TArrayS mUsedTowerIndices
 just a flag whether to keep in vector
TArrayF mUsedTowerWeights
- Protected Attributes inherited from StSimpleHit_t
Short_t mID
Float_t mX
Float_t mY
Float_t mZ
Float_t mE


class StEEmcTreeMaker_t

Detailed Description

The class.

Stephen Gliske

Root stuff for the class. See the header file.

Stephen Gliske

Additional information to describe a hit, more than that in StSimpleHit.

Note: most functions are inlined and default copy constructors, equal operators, and deconstructors are used.

WARNING: TODO: if allow hits with u and v not in the same sector, will need to update this!!!

Definition at line 37 of file StEEmcHit.h.

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