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StEEmcIUMixEvent Class Reference
Inheritance diagram for StEEmcIUMixEvent:

Public Member Functions

void addPair (StEEmcIUPair p)
void setEvent (StMuEvent *event)
void setSpin4 (Int_t s)
void Clear (Option_t *opts="")
Float_t sum3x3 (Int_t index)
Float_t sum3x3 ()
Float_t htdsm ()
Float_t tpdsm ()
Int_t npi0 ()
Int_t deta ()
Int_t dphi ()
Int_t deta (Int_t i)
Int_t dphi (Int_t i)

Public Attributes

Int_t mEventId
 Items to be copied from StMuEvent.
Int_t mEventNumber
Int_t mRunId
Int_t mRunNumber
StEventInfo mEventInfo
StRunInfo mRunInfo
StL0Trigger mL0trigger
StMuTriggerIdCollection mMuTriggerIdCollection
StBbcTriggerDetector mBbcTrigger
StEmcTriggerDetector mEmcTrigger
StThreeVectorF mPrimaryVertex
Double_t mMagneticField
Float_t mADC [720]
UShort_t mStat [720]
Int_t pedEEmcDSM_HT [90]
Int_t pedEEmcDSM_TP [90]
Int_t mSpin4
Int_t bx7
Int_t bx48
Int_t bxStar
Int_t nPairs
 From EEMC point-maker.
Float_t mMass [MAX_PAIRS]
Float_t mPT [MAX_PAIRS]
Float_t mEta [MAX_PAIRS]
Float_t mEEmcEta [MAX_PAIRS]
Float_t mPhi [MAX_PAIRS]
Float_t mZgg [MAX_PAIRS]
Float_t mEnergy [MAX_PAIRS]
Float_t mEpre1 [MAX_PAIRS]
Float_t mEpre2 [MAX_PAIRS]
Float_t mEpost [MAX_PAIRS]
Float_t mEsmdu [MAX_PAIRS]
Float_t mEsmdv [MAX_PAIRS]
Float_t mZvertex [MAX_PAIRS]
Float_t mPhigg [MAX_PAIRS]
Int_t mTower1 [MAX_PAIRS]
Int_t mTower2 [MAX_PAIRS]
Float_t mEnergy1 [MAX_PAIRS]
Float_t mEnergy2 [MAX_PAIRS]
Float_t mEnergyRatio [MAX_PAIRS]
Float_t mTotalEnergyT
Float_t mTotalEnergyP
Float_t mTotalEnergyQ
Float_t mTotalEnergyR
Float_t mTotalEnergyU
Float_t mTotalEnergyV
Int_t mNumberT [MAX_PAIRS]
Int_t mNumberR [MAX_PAIRS]
Int_t mNumberU [MAX_PAIRS]
Int_t mNumberV [MAX_PAIRS]

Protected Member Functions

 ClassDef (StEEmcIUMixEvent, 1)

Detailed Description

Definition at line 81 of file StEEmcIUMixEvent.h.

Member Function Documentation

Float_t StEEmcIUMixEvent::sum3x3 ( Int_t  index)

loop over adjacent towers

Definition at line 165 of file StEEmcIUMixEvent.cxx.

References mADC, and sum3x3().

Referenced by sum3x3().

Member Data Documentation

Float_t StEEmcIUMixEvent::mADC[720]

Ped subtracted ADC values from mEEanalysis. Index is etawise

Definition at line 113 of file StEEmcIUMixEvent.h.

Referenced by StEEmcIUPi0Analysis::Make(), and sum3x3().

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