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StEEmcIUPoint Class Reference

Base class for representing EEMC points. More...

Inheritance diagram for StEEmcIUPoint:

Public Member Functions

 StEEmcIUPoint (const StEEmcIUPoint &p)
 Copy constructor.
void position (TVector3 p)
 Set the position of this point at the SMD plane.
void energy (Float_t e, Int_t layer=0)
 Set the energy of this point.
void fraction (Float_t f)
 Set the fraction of the tower energy used.
void tower (StEEmcTower t, Float_t w=1.)
 Add a tower with specified weight to the point.
void cluster (StEEmcIUSmdCluster c, Int_t plane)
 Add an smd cluster to this point.
void numberOfRelatives (Int_t r)
 Set the number of other points which share tower energy.
TVector3 position ()
 Get the position of this point.
Float_t energy (Int_t layer)
 Get the energy of this point.
Float_t fraction ()
 Get the fraction of tower energy associated with this point.
Float_t energy (Int_t layer=0) const
 Get the energy of this point.
Int_t numberOfTowers ()
 Gets the number of towers.
StEEmcTower tower (Int_t t)
 Gets a specific tower.
Float_t weight (Int_t t)
 Gets the weight associated with a specific tower.
StEEmcIUSmdCluster cluster (Int_t c)
Int_t numberOfRelatives ()
StEmcPointstemc ()
Int_t sector ()
 Returns the sector.
void sector (Int_t s)
 Sets the sector.
Float_t sigma ()
 Returns the width.
void sigma (Float_t s)
 Sets the width.
Float_t u ()
 Returns mean U position.
void u (Float_t uu)
 Sets mean U position.
Float_t v ()
 Returns mean V position.
void v (Float_t vv)
 Sets mean U position.
Float_t residueU ()
 Get the residual in the U plane.
void residueU (Float_t r)
 Set the residual in the U plane.
Float_t residueV ()
 Get the residual in the V plane.
void residueV (Float_t r)
 Set the residual in the V plane.
void print ()
Bool_t operator< (const StEEmcIUPoint &other) const
 Point is less than another based on energy.
Bool_t chiSquare (const StEEmcIUPoint &other) const
 Chi2 sort method. More...

Protected Member Functions

 ClassDef (StEEmcIUPoint, 1)
 Makes class available to root.

Protected Attributes

TVector3 mPosition
 Position of the point.
Float_t mEnergy [4]
 Energy of the point.
Float_t mFraction
Int_t mSector
Float_t mSigma
Float_t mU
 Mean U.
Float_t mV
 Mean V.
Float_t mResidueU
 Residual in U.
Float_t mResidueV
 Residual in V.
StEEmcIUSmdCluster mSmdClusters [2]
 Smd clusters associated with this point.
StEEmcTowerVec_t mTowers
std::vector< Float_t > mWeights
 Vector of weights.
Int_t mRelatives
 Number of points which share tower energy with this point.
 Pointer to corresponding StEmcPoint (StEvent only)

Detailed Description

Base class for representing EEMC points.

A class for representing EEMC points.

Weihong He

Definition at line 12 of file StEEmcIUPoint.h.

Member Function Documentation

Bool_t StEEmcIUPoint::chiSquare ( const StEEmcIUPoint other) const

Chi2 sort method.

determine which of two points has the better "chi^2" between the two smd planes

Definition at line 100 of file StEEmcIUPoint.cxx.

References energy(), StEEmcIUSmdCluster::energy(), and mSmdClusters.

StEEmcIUSmdCluster StEEmcIUPoint::cluster ( Int_t  c)

Gets the specified cluster.

c,:0=U, 1=V

Definition at line 52 of file StEEmcIUPoint.h.

References mSmdClusters.

Int_t StEEmcIUPoint::numberOfRelatives ( )

Return the number of "relative" points. A point is related if it lies within the 3x3 patch of towers centered on this point.

Definition at line 56 of file StEEmcIUPoint.h.

References mRelatives.

StEmcPoint * StEEmcIUPoint::stemc ( )

Returns a pointer to a new StEmcPoint, basically a 1:1 copy of this point.

position error is a kludge, assumption is that we are accurate to within 1/2 of the molliere radius, R_{M}=2.0cm in Pb

endcap clusters are not used to determine point energy. towers + weighting function based on position to get point energy.

Definition at line 69 of file StEEmcIUPoint.cxx.

References energy(), mEmcPoint, mPosition, mSmdClusters, and position().

Member Data Documentation

StEEmcTowerVec_t StEEmcIUPoint::mTowers

Towers associated with this point, and associated weights for each tower.

Definition at line 128 of file StEEmcIUPoint.h.

Referenced by numberOfTowers(), print(), StEEmcIUPoint(), and tower().

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